Why Trading Stocks Is Better Than Forex #Shorts

#Shorts | Why Trading Stocks Is Better Than Forex

So here’s why trading stocks is better than trading forex.

You see, trading forex is unregulated. They tried to regulate it here in the United States, and forex brokers left the United States in drones.

See, when trading forex, you’re trading against the broker and not against other traders.

At least 9 out of 10 times. There are a few reputable forex brokers, but most of them are a scam.

You see, just Google CFTC Forex scam. The CFTC is the Commodities Futures Trading Commission because on this website you can see how the government tried to crack down on Forex.

Anyhow, stay away from forex because the quickest way to lose all of your money is trying to double it.

Learn how to trade stocks and check out these videos down below so that you know exactly how to get started trading stocks and options.

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  1. While this is the case at times with brokers, forex still has some advantages to stocks such as being able to remain profitable during a financial crisis, and exchange rates influenced by significantly less factors than those that influence stock exchange rates.Some brokers being unregulated isn’t a sufficient reason to put off forex entirely

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