Why Super Investors Are Buying This Stock

Amazon was the number 1 purchased stock by super investors last quarter. In this video, I speculate why.

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I am not a professional investor and have never claimed to be. I’m an amateur investor sharing my experience of what I’ve learned, where I have had success, and where I’ve had failures. I share my thoughts on investing and performance with transparency. My approach and goal to investing is to buy high-quality long-term investments in world-class businesses that I call “compounders”. I view my investments as businesses, not as stocks. Before creating content on YouTube full time I worked as a senior-level programmer for 8 years. Over the years as a programmer, I compounded my knowledge of development. I take the same iterative learning approach to my study of investing. I study investing as a craft in the continual pursuit of being better. I will make mistakes in investment decisions from time to time. Results are not guaranteed. Please do not blindly follow me into any investments, and make sure your portfolio and investments are built around your specific income, risk tolerance, personality, and timeline, and overall circumstances.

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33 thoughts on “Why Super Investors Are Buying This Stock”

  1. People keep pointing out that Google was purchased more than Amazon when you add together both tickers. This is not really accurate because many super investors buy both tickers when they buy Google. When you take out the duplicate buys (one super investor buying both goog and googl) then Amazon still has more unique investors buying it and Amazon has a higher % of portfolio as well.

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  2. I began my investment journey at the age of 27, primarily through hard work and dedication. I am to share that my passive income exceeded $100k in a single month for the first time. This success reinforces the importance of the advice mentioned earlier. It is not about achieving quick wealth, but rather ensuring long-term financial prosperity.

  3. That's from Dataroma and is good stuff in that it illustrates the difference from the average joe and billionaires…… they can take a loss and still have billions. They invest millions in a crappy stock, it goes up .001% and they make twice their money back. Once you are in that sphere your investment strategy changes and is why I don't follow them.

  4. In my understanding, Their “research and development” is an actual cost to build data centres and by PC equipments…etc.
    So they report that AWS is profitable while actually it’s not if you calculate the so called “research and development”.
    Also, The business was diluting shares!

  5. You have no idea about Amazon. Only half of Amazon revenue comes from online sales and Amazon has other business too. You also forgot to consider Rivian loss! So your analysis is compeletely missleading.

  6. i appreciate your video but i will advice anyone to rather invest your funds and watch them grow and make some money without any stress…the best thing is just to find a good investment platform and allow your money work for you

  7. Amazon has been taking write-offs on the lost value of their Rivian shares. They did overbuild warehouses and hired too many people during covid but I bet if you looked at the percentage of online shopping pre-and-post covid, you'd see a greater percentage of online sales now. There are many reasons why its been a dawg. I bought at 88 and sold at 94 and plan to buy again if I see an interesting opportunity.

  8. Anyone know which stocks might be seeing significant increase this holiday season? A January bounce has been mentioned frequently. I recently sold my Boca Grande, Florida, home, and before the stock market's equities start to recover, I want to invest a big sum. Is it wise to purchase right now or not?

  9. Great observation, Joseph. Glad you pointed it out. While AMZN is at at the top of dataroma, 15 super investors is still not many, which I assumed was because AMZN's ROCE is very low usually around 4%, compared with its peers MSFT around 30%, GOOG around 25%, AAPL around 50%. I don't think Buffett has ever held AMZN, and I felt Terry Smith holds it as one of his smallest holdings because of that. Buffett of course holds AAPL and MSFT, and has admitted that passing up GOOG was a mistake. Meanwhile Terry Smith's top holdings have huge ROCE but other than MSFT, are uninterested by or unknown to the average retail investor: IDXX, EL, SYK, PM, MKC, WAT… not the famous glamor stocks, though very high ROCE. Point being that most investors see AMZN having to use their capital for tangible overhead expenses, whereas, MSFT, GOOG, AAPL require less overhead, and thus are more price scalable. But suddenly AMZN is no longer brick and mortar, but Cloud, A.I. and Entertainment, hence more price scalable… so suddenly more investors buying it again. I think Josh Terasoff and Terry Smith haven't lost confidence in AMZN, I think they merely shaved off a bit of AMZN along with every stock in their portfolio, perhaps to avoid the new norm of never-ending fear-based selloffs for even the slightest reasons imaginable, making cash arguably safer than equities – to Ray Dalio's recent point that "cash is no longer trash," because panic selling now resembles the lemmings of 1929-1932. Giving us non lemmings our own buying party of a lifetime! I've been backed up the truck to AMZN because of their employment of capital into more areas outside e-commerce, but this presentation of yours on AMZN's free cash flow gives me even more confidence. I'm so institutionalized now to living in a bear market, I get bothered when share prices rise. I'm scared to death of an impending bull market now. Why would I want to buy in a bull market? Let the lemmings buy high and sell low.

  10. I am trying to avoid making any new buys at this point in other not to get sucked into a bear market trap. It's tough making money in stocks when institutional investors are the driving force behind the selling.. although I read an article of people that grossed profits up to $150k during this crash, what are the best stocks to buy now or put on a watchlist

  11. Amazon is a high revenue but very low margin business. AWS is a leader but growth is slowing down due competition from Microsoft azure and Google cloud platform catching up. Amazon is not a growth play anymore and value is highly overvalued given their low margin. Microsoft and Google are better plays given their moat, margins and value. This guy don't know what he is doing. He is neither a growth nor a value investor. I was just visiting to see what he is preaching. He is just another YouTuber with theory without numbers.

  12. More interesting than why they are buying Amazon would be to know how many of them are planning to sell it as soon as the stock reach its intrinsic value and how many of them want to hold for the very long term…

  13. The stock market has been a really tough one this past year, but I watched an interview on CNBC where the anchor kept mentioning "KATRINA VANRENSUM ". This prompted me to get in touch with her, and from August 2022 till now we have been working together, and I can now boast of $540,000 in my trading portfolio.

  14. It's a little unclear to me what you are trying to show by adding the various percentage change metrics together and then saying they equal 24.3%. 24.3% of what? It certainly isn't 24.3% of the combined portfolios. Wouldn't it be more useful to state the range among the portfolios that added the stock (.01% to 6.20%) compared to the ones that sold it? Also, I would think that showing some historical month by month volume metrics would make sense.

    But maybe I'm missing something and not understanding what you were trying to show.

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