Why isn't the retail trader getting in on the A.I. boom?

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44 thoughts on “Why isn't the retail trader getting in on the A.I. boom?”

  1. Of course, this is what the institutional investors at the top want the small-fry retail investor to believe! The market is a zero-sum game. Those at the top will have access to the best AI resources, so they need the retail investors to lose to help those at the top grow their already immense wealth. The system will continue to con the small institutional investor with the false hope that they can succeed. This system will only cause the already excessive disparity in wealth to grow exponentially. Get used to it, or join the revolution.

  2. As someone that started investing close to the top in the last bull market, I got alot more careful, it was tough being like -75%. Having dcaed into my strongest conviction like Tesla (average around 200 now and Palantir average 9.25) I will mostly try to save some cash when prices are not that great and wait for opportunities. I think many other small retail investors will do the same, trying to get cash for possible future dips rather than jumping on rockets that are already close to the moon. I would like to have Nvidia but rather miss out than pay this prices with the information available right now. I could not really afford to buy as much Tesla as I wanted in the dips and do not want to be in that situation again so rather miss out on new investments.

  3. Same reporters and analysts were down grading and verbally destroying NVDA back in Oct 2022 stating, due to declining crypto mining. These people don’t know anything.

  4. This year has been uncertain, I've been in the red but playing the long term game, so I'm not worried. Jim Cramer mentioned there are still great opportunities to make a killing and I also watched a news emphasizing on what possible strategies expert investors apply in making millions amidst crisis. I'll do everything to save my dipping portfolio $242k at the moment.

  5. Why?? ? lol Jim Cramer said buy… Lol?… We all know what a joke Cramer is… He has made many investors rich beyond…..when Cramer tells you to buy!!! You sell~~~ when he tells you to sell~~ we buy…?.

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