Why I'm Buying Salesforce Stock Now

I’m buying Salesforce Stock now, in this video, I explain why.

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48 thoughts on “Why I'm Buying Salesforce Stock Now”

  1. I just bought 10 shares for 214 bucks a pop. I'm glad that I have a great entry but I feel sorry for having to suffer losses for so long and have money held up that could be making money it always burns.

  2. Hey,. I've been trying to find a way to track my portfolio like you do with graphs. Are you using specific software/platform or do track yourself. I'm from Canada , so not sure if you know of options for us. But it's hard to track portfolio without a platform. Yahoo finance tracks but doesn't graph out performamce. Thanks for your help.

  3. Salesforce is a loser stock.

    It's market cap is 214 billion. Ridiculously high. It's P/E ratio is 120. I can easily see this stock sliding back down to the 150 range in the next 12 months. Would not surprise me if in January in 2023 it is down 50% from it's current point right now.

    Also pays no dividend. Further proof it's a loser stock.

  4. I hate having to use salesforce and its clunky slow cloud interface. It promotes manipulation by staff in a company where results are reported within salesforce. People stealing opportunities from each other, "winning" dubious deals that will generate no meaningful revenue etc

  5. This is the new world, guys. Here we are – I'd guess 90% of small investors in the western world are white males, and actually 40% of the population as a whole – but Salesforces' marketing stuff barely shows a white male (except for the obligatory ginger/redhead/joke white guy). (white) women are powerful, sussed, BAME men are 'their' valuable workers.
    Oh, and by the way, as a white guy you need to apologise for your existence – it's obligatory, but it goes down well so better do it……………………..

  6. Hi Joseph, Mcdonalds may also be a good stock idea with the recent real estate growth and digital transformation the company is taking on

  7. Why are you basing the company valuation on revenue? Don't you see that their profit margin is about 2%? which makes the current market cap 90% overvalued.

  8. We use salesforce at the law firm I work in. It’s the largest personal injury law firm in CA. It spent millions on a customized server. The advertising company I work before the law firm also used sales force. This is a business AI company. I’m highly considering buying shares as well.

  9. Joseph, couple things. First I like the video. I opened a small position today based on the video and some other dd I did. But "the analysts say it's undervalued" part is BS analysts are full of you know what. Look how many were wrong hugely on Tesla.

    Second thing, I haven't noticed in this portfolio or your main one, many Chinese or foreign companies. What are your thoughts on TSM, Netease, BABA and some other others. Namely dividend payers, not so much the babas.

  10. Hi Joseph, I really appreciate your videos and sharing your investment approach. I think it is helping lot of people to invest wisely. As you mentioned in this video, you do a great job explaining how your portfolio performs against the main benchmark which is the SP500. I really appreciate how you're willing to share this information even if you're under performing the benchmark. Since I know your channel through the main channel, I was wondering if you could also make the same comparison. Compare your $200K portfolio with SP 500. I was and still am mainly a tech driven or growth focused investor but your main channel has opened my view in dividend or value investing. I was skeptical at first but I see that you could outperform the SP500 with all the dividend being reinvested with a minimal downside risk.

  11. Hi Joseph, I like the approach you use to make your point and the humble way you bring the whole picture about a business, market or sector before make your central point… I am from Brazil, and since became US permanent resident, I've been learning about how business are made here… And I've been investing here for 3 months, thinking on the long run… The market here is totally different from Brazil especially for being and emergent country and have a political scenario that is very unstable or it's being in the past 10 years. If one day would possible, I would like to hear a take from you on Tencent (TME)… As you always give points on Spotify… Apologies on my limited English! Thank you for share your channel publicly!

  12. Tech is just so expensive. Likely will go up but already too expensive for me today. As value first investor who doesn't have loads of cash, tech is like king's feast I can't partake in

  13. After studying the trajectory of great assets like real estate, dividend paying stocks of blue chip companies, gold, etc ,my conclusion is that most great assets never come down to the price that you want them to so you can buy. just buy the ones you can afford today.

  14. My uncle was the Vice-Chairman at Salesforce. He worked there for almost 15 years I think. It is a very healthy and good company. He was there from the very beginning. Together with Slack it could become a competitor for Mircosoft.

  15. i did chuckle when you described your 8 year career, numerous jobs and wealth of experience, classic tech bro 😛

  16. That sales force videos looks like it’s straight out of black mirror! Seems like sales force does what FB gets much of it’s criticism for. Although bc of all this makes it good long position.

  17. Hey Joseph! What do you think of Alibaba? It's a growth company and I feel like it's trading at a huge discount . Keep the good work! Thank you

  18. i work in financial compliance/wealth operations for a large insurer and our client due diligence process is largely based in salesforce financial services cloud. over the past year+ we have been able to customize the system to meet the products we offer, down to the individual client level. pretty remarkable.

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