Who Leads The Race For A Coronavirus Vaccine: CNBC After Hours

CNBC.com’s MacKenzie Sigalos brings you the day’s top business news headlines. On today’s show, CNBC’s Meg Tirrell explains the state of the race for a coronavirus vaccine: who are the players, who are the frontrunners, and how long will it take? Plus, CNBC’s Kate Rooney dives into the record level of trading retail investors are doing right now.

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41 thoughts on “Who Leads The Race For A Coronavirus Vaccine: CNBC After Hours”

  1. Does This Seem Like The Movie Resident Evil ; large numbers of citizens essentially being asked to serve as Test Subjects/Lab Rats as an act of patriotism ??

  2. UK policy will always follow the USA because bible prophecies always true read rev.13:11 the wild beast has two horns looks like a lamb but speaks as the dragon (Satan the devil)as a Christian nation where is all the clerics are they so dumb they do not understand history and prophecies ??? !!!.

  3. Our authority s deserve an F handing the pandemic,other countries are using Ivermictin it stops the virus from becoming deadly, from here untill the vaccine still a long way

  4. Why do we need a vaccine for the SCAM of the century. We still are waiting for a cold vaccine or AIDS vaccine or for any of the other 80,000 infectious diseases in the world!

  5. Right. No symptoms and people are afraid of testing possibly 'false postive' and they are making a big deal over this.
    Okay Believe it if you want too.
    Fyi, more people die from having the flu every year and they still give flu vaccines.
    Avoid the cornovirus vaccine that's coming out very shortly, at all cost!!! It's called population control, while they are trying to race to get this vaccine out.
    Yes vaccines normally take years to develop and frequent laboratory testing on animals, then humans are done, then FDA approval is needed.

    Look up 1976 swine flu vaccines and how it caused guillain-barré syndrome to 450 people, which paralyzed their whole body causing them to have a tracheostomy to breathe.
    All these degrees and Ph.Ds and people are not getting smarter.
    Please wake up people!!!!


    If you thk about what's going on, in Bangladesh they are in lock down to for something that happened in China also? Those people barely live in civilization.
    Bahamas and tropical islands are on lockdown for something all the way in China? Yeah I don't believe it, but
    If it is a virus being spread, it's being done by currency.

    I had a dream recently that the New world Currency is going to Start in January 2021. The virus is being used to distract everyone from what's really going on. And if you believe in Jesus Christ, read your bible, the book of revelations is starting

  6. Astra Zeneca who is partnered with Oxford ,i love the way the americans twist it.The top 3 American companies .The front runner is Oxford group funded by the uk government who later partnered with astra zeneca ,however oxford group are not testing the vacine in the US due to fears of trump stealing it after he brought out the global supply of drugs needed for the coronavirus recently.Sort of shot himself in the foot there .

  7. There’s no such thing as a good vaccine in the US. Ever since pharmaceutical companies were given immunity from lawsuits in 1986, people have been getting sicker and sicker. The CDC was infiltrated so they could increase the number of recommended vaccine doses to about 3 times what it was prior to 1986 and we have more sick kids than ever!! News companies are like pharmaceutical ads now, “It’s that time of year again…Time to go out and get your flu shot!” They don’t bother to warn us that the flu shot is one of the few vaccines that still has about 25 micrograms of mercury in it. And they’re still recommending it for young children and pregnant mothers! It’s outrageous!! Not only do they make billions from selling vaccines, they also make billions from the prescriptions that kids and adults are taking to treat all the problems caused by the crap they put in those vaccines!! We’re better off with nature and let all the pharmaceutical companies go bankrupt as we find our way back to better health. Just say NO to drugs!!

  8. Basically, RNA & DNA manipulated humanoids future. Bye bye freedom and justice. Very sad that zobified people by mega media getting more and more. Era of sheeppeople and uncritical thinking and disunited people.

  9. Somebody please inform the obnoxious and evidently uninformed Joe Kernan, who moans and eyerolls at every mention of Democrats taking control of Congress and Whitehouse, that stock market historically performs far better under Democratic control of government than under republican control.

  10. I just started trading with TD Ameritrade. It's really free (I think) so far at least. I'm not sure how they make money off of me though. I currently own stock in: Apple and Amazon.

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