Where to Find Ideas! | Technically Speaking: Trading Stocks & Options

Technically Speaking: Trading Stocks & Options | 12-8-22
Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options.

You don’t want to trade short term, but you would still like to be “active” in your portfolio. Join Barbara Armstrong to learn more about trading and managing intermediate to longer term stock and option strategies.

In this webcast specific, we placed 2 example trades with OCO targets and exits based on technical breakout patterns. We also did an example iron condor trade. We discussed trade management, risk management and position sizing along the way as well!

Options involve risks and are not suitable for all investors. Please read the Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options carefully before trading.

Technically Speaking: Trading Stocks & Options Playlist:

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5 thoughts on “Where to Find Ideas! | Technically Speaking: Trading Stocks & Options”

  1. Another question that I would love for either you or Connie to address is the pros and cons of trading stocks versus options. I don't see a lot of advantage to using stocks for trend trades – perhaps you could point them out? Does it have to do with stocks not having the problem of time decay and its various elements? My strong impression is that shorting stocks is generally a bad idea, so then time decay is only relevant to buying strategies if one is comparing stocks versus options, and it's a disadvantage to buying options. Am I on the right track? Thanks!! Barb, I'm looking forward to your live class on trading a small account. It's definitely one of my favorites; probably my favorite, period.

  2. Someone may have already commented on this… If so, please ignore. On the Boeing trade, are you sure that you didn't get in and then back out? I'm still figuring out how to enter exits, so to speak, but it looked to me as though you entered your stop as a limit order that would have executed immediately once you had purchased the stock. Don't you have to enter a stop as a stop, in order to prevent it from executing anytime the price is above your cut-off rather than below?

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