When to leave your Job and become a full time Options Trader? #Face2FaceEmerge

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In this new series, we will bring you people from the finance industry who have a story to tell. They are young and dynamic and prospering in this industry bringing you their experience. It will help you to take a step forward in your financial journey while looking at people who are coming from different walks of life.

In our video of Face2Face Emerge, we have with us our rocking host Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge and Elearnmarkets, in conversation with Mr. Mola Reddaiah Reddy.

He has been trading in Indian Equity & Commodity markets since 2010 and became a full-time Options Trader from 2020 in Indian F&O markets. His specialization is in trading Options Selling strategies since 2014. He is NSE’s NCFM certified Options Strategist and Technical Analyst and won ZERODHA 60 Day trading challenge 17 times and then FYERS 30 Day challenge 5 times in a row with the WIZARD badge of honour. His current trading capital is 1.9 crores. He is based in Chennai and prior to becoming a full-time trader, was an engineering graduate from the University of Madras in 2001. After that worked as a Software professional and then moved up to a Senior Manager role in an MNC and then quit his well-paying job and position to follow his passion in Trading. He is also mad about various genres of music and loves listening to non-fiction Audiobooks preferably Psychology, Philosophy, and Motivational ones.

In this video, our guest speaker will talk about full-time options trading and the right time to leave a job. It is a difficult decision to leave a well-paying job with a fixed income and get into the stock market, which has an indefinite return.

This video will help you to understand the right techniques, strategies, and timings that are needed in options trading. It is necessary to understand options trading and have confidence in your own strategy before leaving any fixed source of income.

He will demonstrate the strategies on a live trading view with all the right examples, due to his experience in this field, he is able to track down the right points in options trading.

All traders need to watch this video if they are thinking about doing full-time trading and leaving their job because this will provide a great learning experience with a constructive output.

To know about full-time options trading watch this video on When to leave your Job and become a full time Options Trader?

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36 thoughts on “When to leave your Job and become a full time Options Trader? #Face2FaceEmerge”

  1. This is a video in which adjustments are being made to reduce the loss on tested side of Ironfly. In the rest of the video, make adjustments to reduce the losses of the untested side. If the market comes back then take profit if the market goes to the same direction then take big loss.


    One should avoid this if not having perfect knowledge else will lose entire money making adjustments and paying brokerages..

  3. want some intraday strategy experts like bandi shreyas with backtesting as well.. Now a days positional trading bit risky for Small traders where as vix almost at 25+

  4. If you want to make profit in investing and trading in stock market, learn price action analysis. In option trading if you sre able to get even 8 points daily in nifty options, it comes to Rs.400 × 20 days = Rs.8k on a margin of approx. 1.15 lakhs per lot. You achieve the monthly ROI of 7%. It is a simple trading rather than going for complicated option strategies and overnight risk. You can simply do by scalping or price action. Only there is one condition and that is control over your emotions i.e greed.

  5. Vivek jee, please mention your face to face interview any strategy trader, which type of trading in terminal mannual Or Algorithmic. Actually we are simple retail trader, I have not much frund with algorithmic trading, that's why I asked that question. is it possible to manage adjustment manually or not.!!

  6. I have a question sir, your all adjustment position is manual or algorithmic, please tell me. It is very important to me. is it possible mannual adjustment if you have lot of position different strategy. How it overcome with. Manual adjustment.

  7. Thank you for this session. Requesting a clarification from Reddy sir. He mentioned closing the Additional PE leg to be sold when the value reaches triple but in the example I think he exits at 2X. Just wanted get a clarification on that point.

  8. The best part is mr vivek …even he knows everything but he pretend to b a alike a. Beginner…. So that the guest can explain it in a better way…. Alike 30% Sl of underlying movement he was pretending to presuming…. Hats off to him efforts to retails…

  9. Very good sincere explanation. However please clarify, before closing the outside hedge, one has to buy the inside hedge in order to avoid sudden margin increase.

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