When to Buy and Sell Stocks – Pranjal Kamra | Stock Market for Beginners | Groww

In this Groww originals on the stock market for beginners, our speaker Pranjal Kamra has discussed when to buy and sell a stock and listed out possible reasons which can help us decide when to buy or sell stocks!

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Disclaimer: These are not any recommendations for any funds or stocks and are meant only for educational purposes.

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38 thoughts on “When to Buy and Sell Stocks – Pranjal Kamra | Stock Market for Beginners | Groww”

  1. I invested in spencer retail Ltd as per referring my broker. After a time i checked the fundamentals of this company , i shocked this company get losses last 3 years. And also a huge debt so should I sell their share?

  2. Baat kuch hajam nahi hui
    You mean to say RJ and Buffet made billions without booking profits
    And if they sold a comp, the company went bankrupt
    Every one gives this gyan here, and then goes home and books profits

  3. Someone please explain this – since the profit or loss of the company don't have any direct connection to the stock we have, why should we sell the stocks as soon as the company falls into loss? if all the stock holders decides to hold their stocks, the value of the stock remains the same irrespective of the crisis at the company. Am I correct about this? If yes, then why stockholders go crazy and go on a selling spree when a company faces loss? I tried googling to no avail.

  4. Sir i want to know if my already purchased share going down approx -10 then should i repay?? Or it deducted from old added money.
    Other querry if my purchased value going 0 then if i chose i dont invest next time so can I do this??

  5. Very useful information… I sincerely follow u Pranjal…
    However… If one is looking at revenue generation… Then if one keeps holding stocks for years… When will revenue generate? And what is the point of holding it till a point when u need revenue. And.. It goes on a downward trend…?
    Please advise. Thank u.

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