We Are About to See a Massive Reversal in Stocks. | This is Going to Hurt Many On the

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20 thoughts on “We Are About to See a Massive Reversal in Stocks. | This is Going to Hurt Many On the”

  1. Macro always trumps micro. Always. NVDA hung the moon and it wasn't enough.
    New variant worries, JP in Jackson Hole, one president jailing his predecessor with anticipated social fallout, China slowing, global credit crunch, bond paper losses at banks, and seasonality. For the next two months, this market is under an intense selling pressure.

  2. There are a few risks from my point of view. NVDA looks like it is printing a UTAD in a Wyckoff distribution pattern. I think NVDA has a few quarters of outstanding sales, while they are filling the data centers of the big guys, MSFT, AMZN, GOOG etc, then it may be all over. The CEO kind of hinted at that in a small way as he knows he needs the Chinese market for this bull run to continue. Even after blow out earnings, they are still trading over 113x earnings. I keep looking at the BTC chart in 2021, then back at NVDA, APPL and MSFT and they look very familiar. Most other tech stocks seem to have printed a B correction wave and have entered a C correction wave, as they all seemed to turn down at, or near the 0.618 fib level. The market is on a razor at the moment and it is difficult to see which way to go. I am in a swing short on Nasdaq and SPX and I am just day trading at the moment.
    I got out of NVDA at 478, a few weeks ago as it hit a key fib level. Sure it can still pump but it is now very expensive to trade, being the only show in town, and the worst thing that can happen is high costs for low yield, even if it is going up. If it is over 500 at the end of September the market maker is going to struggle to make profits at quad witching, as 500 to 530 is stacked with calls, so I think they will try and keep it in the trading range and make money off the fees, and hope everyone starts selling when their trading costs start stacking. I popped in a short this morning at 502, thinking there would be some profit taking at the top, and will get out at the day close or gap close at 472, whichever comes first. That is the only trade I will be doing on NVDA for a while as it can go either way.

  3. Thanks for this great video and all the work you put in. How do you set up the charts using daily MA's and overlay them on a 15 minutes chart. Can you explain this in one of your next videos showing how you set it up on tradingview?

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