Warren Buffett: The Easiest Way To Value Stocks

The first question of almost all beginner stock market investors is how to value stocks and the businesses behind them, and in this video, Warren Buffett, legendary stock market investor, offers his valuation process to beginner investors.

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46 thoughts on “Warren Buffett: The Easiest Way To Value Stocks”

  1. As an investing enthusiast, I often wonder how top level investors are able to become millionaires off investing. . I’ve been sitting on over $545K equity from a home sale and I’m not sure where to go from here, is it a good time to buy into stocks or do I wait for another opportunity?

  2. From the dozens of interviews and “conferences” I’ve seen with warren buffet, I am convinced that this guy simply DOESN’T want to share ANYTHING that would help others invest. This guy gives the most general, superficial and useless advices publicly. Look at this, they’ve asked him what is he looking in the companies Fincancial statements in order to know if it’s good to invest or not. Obviously the guy expected to hear “I’m looking at this margin EBITDA/Revenue ; I’m looking at these assets and these liabilities ; I’m looking in this ratio ; I’m looking in this cash flow ; etc etc etc”. Instead, what answer did Buffet give?? “You have to know well the business you invest in and you have to read a lot”… Thank you Captain Obvious, this advice will make all of us rich! 😅😅😅😂

  3. In my opinion, based on research, observation and experience, I think that if ever there was an example of misinformation, this is it. It's amazing how people were censored and cancelled over their views on Covid medicines and vaccines and yet this type of video is allowed. Amazing. Still, I'm in favour of free speech without limits, it's the only way to create discussion and find the truth and solutions to life's mystery's and problems. This is your input, based on belief and selective science and it's thought provoking so it's right that it's available in the public forum. The shame is that the experience and opinions of others on subjects such as COVID, medicines and voter fraud were cancelled , and that's the problem.

  4. Transfer of wealth usually occur during market crash, so the more stocks drop, the more I buy, in the meanwhile I'm just focused on making better investments and earning more as recession fear increases, apparently there are strategies to 3x gains in this present market cos I read of someone that pulled a profit of $350k within 6months, and it would really help if you could make a video covering these strategies.

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  6. The Answer is : Learn about the company's FUNDAMENTALS . The more you know about their Cash flow , Balance sheet , income statement Year over Year , the better your chance on getting a decent return on your investment.

  7. I really think market opinions diverge; some claim overvaluation due to rapid gains, while others cite strong economic fundamentals justifying high valuations. which raises concern for my $600K equities going 8% up and 20% down. Should i hold on or sell off my positions and hold cash?

  8. I was advised to diversify my portfolio among several assets such as stocks and bonds since this can protect my portfolio for retirement. I'm seeking to invest $200K across markets but don't know where to start.

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  11. The brutal honesty of munger mentioning a completely objective admiration of monopolies shows how these two men are able to wisely use (exploit) the system to their own advantage

  12. Lot of youtube gurus calling Intel is dead, but loving over priced companies like AMD and Nvidia. Ask them about National security and them updating Fabs, they have no idea.
    Metals market is plummeting cause of China economy is tanking, after things even out, time to go for metals.

    Food like Tyson or stores like Target tanking cause of high costs and people needing to save money. After a time they too will go back up.

  13. Continuously learn about the changes in the investment market environment, constantly learn about changes in the company's finances, and constantly learn and improve your own investment skills. There are the key attributes of successful investment.

  14. More quarters and outlooks from big tech names, powered by Nvidia, as well as this trader FOMO, may lead to renewed buying strength in markets in October. I want to invest more than $300k, but not sure on how to mitigate risk

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