Up $6000+ On The Day…Until After Hours $CCIV… Learn From My Mistake! ???

As I’m writing this description, I am currently looking at a $15,000 loss on $CCIV, which tanked enormously after announcing the merger with Lucid Motors. There are a LOT of valuable lessons to take away from this experience, so I hope you guys listen well and can avoid taking a massive loss like this of your own. This trade overshadows my great trades from normal market hours, but I talk about those as well as the best stocks to watch for tomorrow

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32 thoughts on “Up $6000+ On The Day…Until After Hours $CCIV… Learn From My Mistake! ???”

  1. SUCKS to be in a position like this. Hope my transparency is helpful to you guys and you can learn from my mistakes. ?
    Also, forgot to mention in the video, I added another 25,000 shares of MITI today and now am up to 125,000.

  2. My guess here is that this has more to do with the larger market than anything. The fed preparing to announce what they are doing with monetary policy moving forward is basically mega FUD. I think there was an anticipatory sell-off in the markets in prep for bad news on inflation and rates. We did get good news from the fed, but the markets are reacting slowly. The lesson to learn here is to keep an eye on financial news like this and avoid making big moves right before.

  3. This deal isn’t bad as people are assuming.
    They tricked us good in complicating the numbers of the merger deal.
    $24b merger valuation with a pipe of $15/share is exactly the same like $16b merger valuation with a pipe of 10/share.
    They are tricking us to sell and get our shares cheaper!
    It’s just $1billion more expensive than what we expected it to be, realize it, but realize it after I bought a lot more stocks ??????

  4. Bro you trade stock but this doesn't make sense to you? Lol if you read the news you'll know why it tanked. Also watch Meet Kevin's video.

  5. It ranked because those c-suckers put out a false rumor(they’ll never admit it was them). This puts it at basically 90% market cap of GM.. that’s a bunch of dirty b.s

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