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“From the Trap to Wallstreet”

From the Trap to Wallstreet is not only a brand but a movement dedicated to empowering and improving the financial state of Urban America. The foundation of this movement is to highlight the power of the black dollar by transitioning its use to make other races and nationalities wealthy to making it our most powerful tool in building wealth for ourselves and generations to follow.

This movement specifically caters to us! Those that are driven to improve their financial state through investing in company stocks & bonds. For far too long the knowledge of wealth and how to attain wealth has been crafted in an encrypted language for us to be unable to comprehend easily. Those days are gone! From the Trap to Wallstreet pioneers this journey for all.

The beginning of the phrase “From the Trap” is a mixture of two aspects. Number 1: The Trap being a state or condition of a people being financially trapped, unable to find the path to financial freedom no matter how many jobs or side hustles they work. Number 2: The term “Trap” describes a place that encourages our men and women to engage in illegal activities inevitably funneling them into a justice system. That very system then strips them of everything financially, emotionally, and mentally leading them to a trapped mindset.

The ending of the phrase “To Wallstreet” simply is the destination place or state where wealth is the norm. When you are from the “Trap” culture you view Wallstreet as a place where a bunch of rich and wealthy folks get richer and live better lives. Coming “From the Trap“ then ending up on “Wallstreet“ would be the epitome of the “Trap” evolution to new surroundings, a new mindset & a new lifestyle.

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  1. Listen, I'm new to this and at age 53, I wasn't taught about this in school or from family/friends. I purchased your program and I'm stepping out on faith to secure my future. Thank you for the knowledge, I already had a friend ask why would I invest? I said to them why wouldn't I? I told her to stop being scared and lesrn and get educated. That's what's wrong with some people, scared! Not me!! Happy investing to all! ❤

  2. Great video,I wish they taught me this in college. You've helped my family With your advice. You're such a blessing to this community. As a beginner i was scared of losing my savings but I'm glad i took the right decision that's now favouring me.

  3. Making money is not the same as keeping it there is a reason why investments aren't well taught in schools, the examples you gave are well stationed, the market crisis gave me my first millions, people shy away from hard times, I embrace them.. well at least my advisor does lol

  4. Bruh, I recently been watching you and your interviews, INSPIRING. I'm of a mature age(52), just recently got more serious about investing bout 6 months ago. I just wish I got into it sooner. Your most recent one with the BFC was awesome!!!. I presently have bout 11 index funds, ( I feel a little safer ) with them instead of ETF's. I'm a market watcher. Just wish I could could get wifey into just as much as I am!! Anyway, keep up the great work inspiring our people. I'm even more jacked then I was before. TY Bruh!! God Bless!!!

  5. No excuse no more cash app got fractional shares for a dollar you can get a chair for $10 we got pennies with a free digital financial advisor and make sure you pick the right stocks

  6. Hands down one of the easiest to understand investing channels. You know you have good understanding of something when you can explain it at the most basic and understandable level

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