Trading With ORDERFLOW – Trade Confirmations (S&P 500)

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Here is a video reviewing my commentary and plan today on 3 different trading setups on S&P 500 (/ES $SPY $SPX) using orderflow tools such as DOM (depth of market), footprint chart, Bookmap (heatmap) and supply & demand zones.

First trade = $2,575 Profit
Second trade = $1,875 Profit
Third trade = $4,000 Profit

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39 thoughts on “Trading With ORDERFLOW – Trade Confirmations (S&P 500)”

  1. Drop a like on this video if you would like to see more orderflow content in the future – very powerful on major future markets like S&P 500, NASDAQ, Crude Oil, Gas, etc. These markets also can trade options off them.

  2. Doesn’t really prove much, if the flow is showing lots of aggressive buying at the highs and then just sells off then whats the point of seeing that, wouldn’t that mean you should scale in more seeing the buying increase

  3. Hi Carmine, nice video! I have a question about your course. I am from Spain and English is not my native language. So, the videos about supply & demand and all of them, Is there the possibility to put subtitles in English like youtube?

  4. Hellocarmine thanks a lot for sharing this, just wondering if you can do any contest/giveaway for one of your classes, I really want to learn more but is a little difficult get that amount from my country that currently the basic salary is 200-300 per month

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