Trading Vs Investing in Stock Market Explained by @pranjal kamra

Trading Vs Investing in Stock Market: In this episode, one of our guest speakers @pranjal kamra has explained the major difference between Trading and Investing, who should indulge in trading and investing, and who should stay away.

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50 thoughts on “Trading Vs Investing in Stock Market Explained by @pranjal kamra”

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  2. I have a doubt…
    If trading is a short term investment then everyone would buy shares during the opening market hours and as the market price rises he would sell his shares and earn hefty amount if done daily???
    Can anyone explain?

  3. If you buy a share of good company with analysis and due to some volatile market share price drop by 40% and u r not selling this share. But at that point inflation comes raw material costs increased and profitability of this company affected then again it will fall to 60% . Your money will stuck in this case what will you do.

  4. Kyaa chutiyaa bana rhee ho video hai Trading VS Investing aur bata rhee ho What is Investing ?. Trading ke baare mai bataya nai ki kaise differ hai investing se. Investing Investing bataye jaa rhee ho

  5. Pranjal and Sahil Bhadviya are two people whose insight, knowledge and positivity gives us the confidence to study the stocks and invest in them for the long term. Please invite Sahil Bhadviya too as he too is a very knowledgeable person on investing in the stock market.

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  8. Long term or short term ke chakkar me log bahut confuge hai…jab yes bank, future group, etc jaise achhe fundamental wale sHare dekhata hu to fundamental ke bajaye indicator pe bharosa karne ka man karta hai aur short term

  9. Hello sir, actuly i dont have any idea ..but i follow u r all content. Kya mai short time money invest karsakta hu ,matlab 1 years 2 years ke liye nehi ..mijhe money invest karna hai to main kahape invest karu ..or wo kitne dinme milega app brokar ho..?

  10. I am 20 years old, student.
    Started SIP total 4500 rs in
    Axis Bluechip 500 rs
    Axis midcap 500 rs
    Parag parikh L T equity fund 1000 rs
    Sbi small cap 500 rs
    Miraie asset emerging bluechip 1000 rs
    Axis Global Alfa FOF 1000 rs

    Investment time 25-30 years.
    Is it ok??

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