Trading Stocks Made Easy #139: Tech & Growth Stocks 2021

In episode #139 of the Trading Stocks Made Easy Podcast, Tyrone Jackson, talks about Tech & Growth Stocks for 2021

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Experienced traders know that discipline is the key to success. Inexperienced traders lose significant amount of trading capital when greed trumps discipline. Take Tyrone Jackson’s advice and you, too, can be six figure trader.  

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9 thoughts on “Trading Stocks Made Easy #139: Tech & Growth Stocks 2021”

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  2. Hi Tyrone, I'm confused about volatility trading on upward trends. If you buy a stock at $64, then sell at $65, you make a $1 profit. Then the next day the stock goes up to $66. So if you buy the stock for $66 and sell it at $67–you make another $1 profit, but you could have had a $3 profit if you just let it sit there from $64 to $67. So is there a timing issue with this type of trading? Or am I missing something?

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