Trading Stock Market Crash $TSLA $PALI trading recap – Tesla Stock and Bitcoin sell

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Stocks have been selling off this week and many growth stocks are crashing. The high flyer growth stocks like EV’s: $XPEV $LI $TSLA and many others have been selling off. Crypto market also took a dive with bitcoin futures prices dropping below $50K after Elon’s tweet suspending bitcoin payment on Tesla purchases.
Today’s trades were mostly on the short side. Simply joining the trend on $TSLA $PALI stocks.
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47 thoughts on “Trading Stock Market Crash $TSLA $PALI trading recap – Tesla Stock and Bitcoin sell”

  1. Can't know how I stopmed onto this. Anyway GREAT content ?. I also watched those similar from MStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these vids. MStar Tutorials also had cool information about similiar money making things on his vids.

  2. So annoying all the people that complain about short sellers thinking they keep their stock down, do they not realize without short sellers we wouldn't see the huge moves we see? The whole reason TSLA ever got as high as it did is because of shorts, same with most of the small cap runners. More shorts = more squeezes

  3. Hi, I want to invest in my education. Do you do courses? I am currently a swing trader. I took a course and I am doing really well mainly using large caps but I want to look at day trading as well because swing trading does not occupy a lot of my time. I can day trade as well with some stocks. Kindly let me know.

  4. @ 9:30 indicators or oscillators we should say, are NOT very very lagging. Where did you learn that anyway? I just posted you an example on twitter from @ T<H<E<M<R<D<E<V to your "Chart indicators are the No. 1 way to end up going off-script when it comes to executing your trading plan.

  5. Your insta and twitter icons are annoying. Sometimes can't even see the pointer. So pls shift those to the top right hand side.

  6. hello Shay do you think taking any course from Canadian Securities institute would be worthy to improve yourself as a trader or to gain knowledge thankyou.

  7. Out of the five only recent brokers' opinions for TSLA on Tip Ranks, the one and only broker who thinks TSLA is a good buy, didn't give his price prediction. The four others gave $155, $67, $230, $159 as their price predictions. Could it really be this terrible? Another trader who has a YouTube channel told me that these are bankruptcy prices and so he disagrees with their price predictions.

  8. Hey Humble Trader I love your videos. Just a word of caution, I understand and agree about the differences between investing and day trading, but you might want to refrain from stating the obvious like you did @7:30 The wallstreet scum use comments like that to try and find ways to restrict our FREEDOM and RIGHT to trade and earn money the same way they do. They also look at people like you with huge platforms and look for ways to limit your free speech because they fear that influencers with too many followers have the potential to manipulate the stock market. Just an FYI. Love your content btw

  9. Hey Shay, Thank you for this important info. Quick question, like an idiot I took a small short position on HYRE at $13.05, I should of covered at $12.70, but I was wanting more, so now it shot up to $13.49, do you think it's coming down on Monday?

  10. New sub, love your honest content!! I'm thinking of learning more about day trading at this point I am at a deficit as far as knowledge in this area goes. As a fellow Canadian and promoter of learning before profit could you advise on a good practice broker sight or app to help learn especially as a Canadian day trader. Thank you love your humor by the way.

  11. Great video. I think people just don't really understand short selling and they have this negative perception of it.
    Keep them bad jokes coming! haha

  12. Glad to see the Bears pushed back by the Bears today….tough week! Elon is definitely a quirky billionaire, LOL!! Great video too, love your smile!

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