Traders Accounting – How To Get Your Taxes Done As a Trader

As an investor, reporting your trading is complicated, and the taxes can be punitive.
If you aren’t careful the IRS can and will classify you as an investor, this can have terrible ramifications for taxes on trading.
On top of that, due to the tax changes, your deductions are limited.

So if you trade with the expectation of making a profit
Then today’s Presentation is exactly where you need to be to learn on topics such as:

• Trader Tax Status
• What does it take to qualify?
• What does it mean to you and the IRS
• How the status changes your deductions
• The burdens the IRS places on investors
• Trading as a business
• The IRS “special rules” surrounding “Traders Status”

Also Stay tuned to find out
• Our suggestions for maintaining this status
• What is Mark-to-Market Accounting & its benefits?

All here right now with Dr. Jerry Allison

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