Trader proves her worth by closing phenomenal deal | Industry Series 2

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Industry gives an insider’s view of the blackbox of high finance following a group of young bankers as they forge their identities within the pressure-cooker environment and sex and drug-fuelled blitz of international bank Pierpoint & Co’s London office.

In this episode, a short phone call between Harper and Felim leads to potentially disastrous consequences for the Rican deal. Harper must find a way to rectify it in less than 24 hours. Meanwhile, Yasmin is given her first glimpse of Private Wealth Management at a client dinner, but a misjudgement leads to humiliation. Yasmin pursues an alternative route to impress at PWM and escape FX.

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30 thoughts on “Trader proves her worth by closing phenomenal deal | Industry Series 2”

  1. Moral of the story…the system is corrupt to the core.

    Ever since the global money and investment system went across from the gold backed system for global money and wealth measuring, to, push a button somewhere and wealth is instantly created out of nothing, coupled with the US petro dollar, the whole system is fake.

    5 decades plus on from that, and we’re just about to see now what a fake and phoney illusionary FIAT FED money system does to the world. The system is groaning, it’s over cooked, and coming to its end.

    Interesting times ahead next years.

  2. as a former trader of 7 years that worked with 90 other traders in the company (up till 2022), i have never seen or heard of a female trader in any financial institution… like im sure there are but you never know one or know one that knows one, they're like unicorns lmao. I moved to a hedge fund as a portfolio manager and the closest woman trader i know is our head of trading execution, she doesn't trade and i think management just pushed her up because they want to look cool for our investors with "more female exec's".

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  4. Best thing about this scene is Harper uses her previous experience with a mismatched FX trade in season 1 to gain information, that she then uses to her advantage. Proof that there us learning ftom your mistakes.

  5. For the absolute novice. (courtesy ChatGPT)

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    Then, there's another person who knows a lot about how these trades work. They're helping the person who wants to buy the toys. They call someone named Anna, who's in charge of a big group of people who want to sell the toys. They need to make sure they have enough money to buy all the toys they want.

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