Trade Ideas Live: Stocks & Options – Chop Chop Chop! │AMD, SPY, MSFT, UBER, RIO

Market finally takes a breather from the rally we have been having. More downside to come or just a pullback? Tonight we’re looking at SPY, MSFT, COST, GRWG, SNDL, QQQ, WMT, FCX, RIO, RBLX, ET, OXY, USOIL, CVX, UBER, SE, AMD & TWTR stock.

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2 thoughts on “Trade Ideas Live: Stocks & Options – Chop Chop Chop! │AMD, SPY, MSFT, UBER, RIO”

  1. My FAAMG stocks are up 10% since 1/2021, up 5% YTD.

    ,-Amazon is fantastic with a lucrative AWS and advertising ($30 billion and growing at 32%).

    _ Facebook is fantastic with a P/E 14 and $40b in profits that grows at 34%.

    – Google is fantastic company with a lot of moat.

    – Microsoft is fantastic with a lucrative Azure cloud and growing fast.

    – Apple is a safe company that held its ground while other stocks fell.

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