Top 5 hedge fund managers income | How to become professional trader in stock market

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How to become professional trader in stock market. Here is earnings of top 5 hedge fund manager income in a year. List of Top traders in stock market. It’s not easy to earn so much and achieve so much. You really, need hard work, discipline, commitment and education.
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49 thoughts on “Top 5 hedge fund managers income | How to become professional trader in stock market”

  1. Sir I'm from arts background without maths, so I'm confused what should I do to become hedge manager but I'm in finance industry from last 1 year and i really wanna make my career in it.
    So please help me and tell me what to do now what r the steps ?

  2. Jim Simon uses his mathematical models for short term prediction, pretty much like what data scientists do in the industry. please dont compare him as what he does cannot be replicated by most of the viewers of this channel..

  3. Thanks you sir I really want this video and I finally found it on your channel .
    This video will helps me to persue my career.
    Thankful to you ?❤️.

  4. Kya bade bade Baat kar rahe ho Yaar… Trader banne ko koi degree nahi chahiye.. Wo youtube banda PR Sundar bina koi bada degree ke saal 30 crore kama raha hai… Radhakrishnan damani kabhi college hi nahi gaye… Rakesh jhunjhunwala bhi theek se koi bada degree nahi liye

  5. Education qualification is not a requirement for any of the hedge fund managers…. These guys started there own companies and now earning….

    Learn python

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