This Millionaire Trader Explained his SIMPLE Trading Strategy!

What if you traded forex using a strategy that has already made another forex trader a millionaire? Would you also become profitable? Probably! But of course, you and I both didn’t have such a strategy, until now.

In this video, I will showcase a forex strategy that one trader used to grow his account from $9100 to $82 million, an astounding feat by any measure!

The information presented in this video is for educational and entertainment purposes only and is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. Forex and crypto trading is highly speculative and risky. It is only suitable for those people who understand, and are willing to take on, the financial and other risks involved, and who have the resources to withstand losses that may be significantly greater than any deposits you have made.

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49 thoughts on “This Millionaire Trader Explained his SIMPLE Trading Strategy!”

  1. I spend 2 years in crypto, after 2 years i developed a strategy, which is surprisingly replica of this one. I am surprised after seeing this video. this strategy needs 100% Patience, you have to wait for your setup.

  2. Great video, trading come with a lot of benefits And I have just bought my first house through it. As a beginner I was scared of loosing my savings but I’m glad I took the bold step that is now favoring me.

  3. Last one I saw from your video was awesome but this MAs can back-fire big time on a one day. Must be in Bull mode back when it was a Bull market 📈.
    I also agree swing low which will be the most profitable, I’ll apply swing low to some other strategies. MAs I’ll take as second best just for guidance.
    Ty for sharing, it’s a thought 💭

  4. Right strategy, well explained. Nothing secret however, for those who have some confidence in trading. But, for a beginner, I doubt it is the best start to recommend, I think he will lose a million before earning it 😅

  5. Taking early notes from Warren as to the importance of sound asset diversification and risk management It can’t be overstated. I’ve been trying to grow my portfolio of $300K for sometime now, I would greatly appreciate any other suggestions.

  6. I came here to learn how to trade after listening to a guy on radio talk about the importance of investing and how he made $560,000 in 4 months from $1660k. Somehow this video has helped shed light on some things, but I'm confused, I'm a newbie and I'm open to ideas

  7. Using this kind of strategies in the current market (march 2023) condition with extreme High volatility will be a suicide, if powell talk, you loose everything :), it should work fine in 2021 conditions where stock were trending with low volatility, in just seconds a stock can jump of 25%!

  8. A lot of folks have been going on about a January rally and said stocks that would be experiencing significant growth these festive season, any idea which stocks this may be? I just sold my home in the Boca Grande area and I’m looking to remunerate a lump sum into the stock market before stocks rebound, is this a good time to buy or no?

  9. It's true that even with 30% win rate you can be more profitable than other strategies. When you have small loses and big wins, 30% is enough. I use similar strategy based on Fibonacci and it works perfect. My initial deposit is small, but I win consistently. Thanks for the information 🙏

  10. "" Investing in online stocks is one of the ways to gain financial freedom. The stock market & crypto market has plenty opportunities to earn a decent payouts, but how is it done……?????

  11. I love trading. Don't do it myself though. Quick question. In the risk management section you mention not holding >30% of positions over night then later you talk about him holding positions for 3-5 days. Can you explain how that works? Sorry if I've misunderstood something,

  12. Sono felice di aver avviato le criptovalute allora perché è stato un punto di svolta per me ed è stata la mia decisione migliore finora, tutto grazie al mondo delle criptovalute.

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