thinkorswim® Tutorial: Introduction to thinkorswim®

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thinkorswim® is an industry-leading trading platform offering powerful trading tools, streaming real-time data, and powerful analytics. In this tutorial we’ll provide a high-level tour of the most commonly used features of the thinkorswim® trading platform.

0:00 Welcome
0:09 Downloading thinkorswim
0:36 Logging in to thinkorswim
0:51 thinkorswim layout
1:42 Left hand sidebar setup
3:20 Watchlists
4:34 Intro to Charts
5:52 Switching chart types
6:20 Chart settings and style
7:20 Selecting a chart timeframe
8:32 Placing a market order to buy stock
11:24 Monitoring Working Orders
12:00 Placing a limit order to buy stock
12:33 Canceling and replacing orders
13:53 Buying a single option
15:19 Monitoring and closing an existing position
16:25 Education Center tour
17:09 Creating a Support/Chat request

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20 thoughts on “thinkorswim® Tutorial: Introduction to thinkorswim®”

  1. Wow. Biggest piece of sh*t ever. Moving away from SSE was a HUGE mistake. TOS not only is cluttery but makes life as a trader next to impossible. Thanks, Schwab, now I have to switch brokers. Congrats.

  2. I'm migrating from TV to ToS after Schwab acquired TDA. This video was very efficient in reminding me how to use the software. Good stuff.

  3. Excellent video, thank you for explaining it all in detail. I am wondering if you could help me with the following situation. I have been assigned short shares and now want use that like covered calls with underlying stock. How do I go about that in Thinkorswim? Thank you for your reply.

  4. I kept wanting to get started on Think or Swim but every time I did, I would get intimidated. It felt overwhelming when trying to familiarize myself with the many different components. Thanks to you, I'm starting to get it. appreciate that?

  5. this is the most over-complicated trading application I have ever seen.. literally all I need is a chart and the ability to buy and sell quickly.. this is horrible.

  6. There seems to be 3 versions of thinkorswim: web, desktop and mobile. Do the three offer the same capabilities/features? Which of the three is the most secure? I'd guess the web based is more secure as it does not require an app install. Also, does thinkorswim add any fees/charges or is it free as if trading from within your regular td account? Thanks

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