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In today’s video I want to give an update on a trade on AAPL stock that an individual placed worth almost $103K. We will take a look at exactly what this individual did, what this apple options trading strategy looks like, and how it’s performing so far. Trading options can be risky, so make sure you understand how buying options and selling options works.

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  1. I just do credit spreads with a chance of profit around 80-90 %, if I get a good feeling for the stock I'll do debt spreading to help minimize my losses and force myself to take profit. During Earnings I'll do Iron condors cause the IV crush makes good money. I'm not making a ton of money but my account is growing, and hopefully I can minimize my losses.

  2. Guillermo, how do you decide when it’s best to roll over a covered call (for a credit) versus letting the option expire, lose the shares and sell a put again? (following the wheel strategy)

  3. All I can say is what a tool box. I could of given him 8,456,123 better trades and by no means am I any type of expert. I’m just not an idiot like this fool. I bet his parents are proud of him.

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