The quant trader interview guide

In this video, I invited back Worthan Kwan, our favourite quant trader! Worthan explains step by step the quant trading interview process and the resources he used to prepare for his interviews – including an in depth explanation on how to do well in the mock trading that is usually in final round and messes up a lot of people.

00:00 Intro
00:44 What’s a quant trader?
01:10 Where do quant traders work?
01:41 Interview process
02:09 Round 1
02:49 Round 1 & 2
03:24 Final round
07:19 How to prepare – resources
10:45 Summary

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24 thoughts on “The quant trader interview guide”

  1. thank you for this guide. ~I'm just preparing for the first round of my Quant trading interview process.. Im sick of being an engineer and believe that this job is finally one that is mentally stimulating enough to stick with for the long term

  2. Great and very informative video, but i didnt understand the mock trading part at all: can someone explain to me the example with the heights of people, what are you trading, selling and buying, what does "you have to buy below 5"7 mean" etc? Thanks in advance

  3. I broke his score in my first attempt. Gave three tries , first attempt : 82, second attempt : 84 and third attempt : 90. Can you please share some resources for market making questions in Quant Interviews? For example, in Optiver, I have heard that they ask questions such as make a market on the number of Eiffel Towers required to reach from Earth to Moon, number of corner kicks in FIFA World Cup 2018, so how to calculate the expected values of these quantities without having any prior knowledge about them?

  4. I took an interview recently. and I did really wrong even though I took classes before the online exam. I would like to prepare myself more to be able to accomplish success. Please I need help.

  5. Everything aside can we like talk about how cute the guy is?? Watched the whole video even though I don't intend to study or work in anything even related to this lol. Good job to Tina tho as well, the interviews are always well structured and interesting.

  6. Is there no programming involved at all ? Since you have to make mathematical models, aren't you expected to devise those models with some financial knowledge + programming abiliites.

  7. Hi, I left a comment on another one of your videos. I am interested in using modeling to trade. My education is in mathematics and economics, but I have struggled with probability, linear algebra and other math subjects for years. I can grasp the concept of market strategies but when it comes to modeling the mathematical techniques go over my head. Could you do more videos like this. Thank you.

  8. Are there tricks to get a high score on arithmetic zetamac or is it just practice? I am an Economics graduate but I can't seem to get higher than 10 lol (I've only attempted maybe 6/7 times)

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