The Only Technical Analysis Video You Will Ever Need… (Full Course: Beginner To

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Understanding how to implement technical analysis correctly in your trading is one of the most important things you need to create a profitable trading career. If you do not understand technical analysis or if you do not know how to use technical analysis correctly, then your chances of creating profits from trading are near ZERO. But, don’t worry. Today, we are going to fix that! Enjoy

[ Timestamps ]

1. Candlestick Charts – 2:30
2. Trending Markets – 7:53
3. Support & Resistance – 16:08
4. Indicators – 25:40
5. Candlestick Patterns – 41:45
6. Chart Patterns – 55:40
7. Breakout Patterns – 1:05:30

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In this video, Steven shares what currency pairs you should focus on if you are a beginner in Forex Trading.
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49 thoughts on “The Only Technical Analysis Video You Will Ever Need… (Full Course: Beginner To”

  1. Broo.. Iam not even lying when i saythis…
    I saw so many video trying get what trading is and how it works and how i do it but this is the only i actually understand very well and iam feeling a lot kf confident right now.. All other videos where making me lose confidence but you explained it so clearly mahn.. Thnks brother

  2. damn man, you know your stuff…can you tell us from where did you get all the knowledge: which site/books did you read.
    And please do not send us to workshop where all they care is our cash…
    Please- where we can get as good as your education.

  3. I only watched the first 10 minutes or so and I started recognizing up and down tends but some up tends are really short so I'm guessing that you sell the moment it goes below the pull back. Do you write down the pb price so you can see right away when to sell? I think that would be smart.

  4. What time frame is best for the 20 period moving average? Or does it work with all time frames equally as well? I usually switch between the 1 day, 4 hour, and 5 minute time frame, what moving averages are best for these? Also this video was very helpful thank you so much for making this video free and available for anyone who seeks help.

  5. this is how i identify an uptrend market- as long as it creates atleast 2 highler lows,much better if 3, that's an uptrend. no need to get complicated.
    in an uptrend market you should be careful if it already creates divergence.

    same in a down trend it should create lower highs.

  6. I was looking for where I can learn forex and stumbled on your video… Just started watching three days ago I haven't started trading but the fact that I can read charts is giving me butterflies in my stomach I look forward to being a better trader by the time I'm done with the other teachings. Thank you for all you do

  7. Great video. We all strive for financial independence and better life. It’s not difficult in achieving this through the right investment, living frugally, and budgeting. I’m glad I learned early in life to work hard for financial freedom

  8. You’re a legit dude!!! Thank you a million times for making this video for us beginners…..You broke this ALLLLL the way down, wow!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

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