The market is pricing in a shallow recession, traders agree

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20 thoughts on “The market is pricing in a shallow recession, traders agree”

  1. The QE(s) in the early days hasn’t result in hyperinflation because it was focus on bonds and assets purchase which benefit companies more than individuals. This grow companies cash reserves and helps apple, google, Amazon joined the trillion dollars club. It will be interesting to see how fed is going to reduce their balance sheet with these companies without hurting the working class.

  2. People are still making more, they're just not loud about it. Investors must understand that the key word of investing is "diversification". You shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket. Personally, as one who has been into Real Estates for as long as I can remember, also I made my first million earlier this year from stocks alone (through the help of a pro though). I also experiment with a couple of other things. Imagine what the situation would had been given the real estates market if I were solely banking on it. Goodluck!

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  4. A crash and bullish market provides equal high-yield potential, it's all about information and strategy application, I've seen folks make huge 7figure profit in a crashing market and pull it off much easily in a bull market , Unequivocally the crash is getting somebody somewhere rich

  5. Honestly, I would disagree. I think when we start to use the word recession more and the interest rate hike at the end of the month hits headlines, we will see a real dip in the market…

  6. Its natural to see so many investors panic amid a worsening bearish market but it is also important to note that the market situation is nothing new in the crypto world.Several factors are driving negative sentiment in the stock and crypto markets right now including inflation, a shaky stock market, rising interest rates, and recession fears. As a result, bitcoin has dropped significantly from its all-time high, breaking below several key technical levels. As a crypto investor, the current situation might seem bleak. However, there are several tried and tested, expert-suggested investment strategies that can help you weather the current crypto storm. In 2 weeks of shorting and trading with signals directly from Stacy Huth, I have been able to accumulate 11 btc despite the state of the market…

  7. STOP saying: 'SHALLOW; Recession! It's NOT SHALLOW, LITTLE, TINY, SMALL, NOT BAD, or SAFE, ect. It's a FULL, BLOWN Recession. It's like saying: It only KINDA hurts when shot by a GUN!!!
    STOP spitting this FALSE, hopeful crap!!! Just say it like it is: It's TERRIBLE and it's utterly BOMBING and EVEN the FED is scrambling, hiking rates faster then gas prices–So Guys, Don't give FALSE hope to people who are too gullible and MIGHT haphazardly trade their ONLY Assets with a REAL risk of them losing EVERYTHING! Tell them to WAIT and DONT be greedy. You KNOW it's propped up by the FED, just say it!
    Seriously, the whole thing makes me stomach sick 🙁

  8. These investment are only bound to make slow profit returns in the current market, I've come across a few blogs mentioning investors that generated profit of up to $450,000 in 3months and I'm eager to know what/how I can make such lucrative profit

  9. Even with the current dip in crypto currency's, I'm still glad I can smile back at my portfolio of $86,700 built from my weekly trade, I'm having my fourth withdrawal in 10 business days

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  11. Just for fun, I Googled "business news" reports from the month leading up to the 2008 financial crash.
    Everything was great according to them. The future's so bright they gotta wear shades etc
    Fast forward a month later and they were panicking on air.
    "Shallow recession", eh?
    These people have no clue.

  12. SHORT SQUEEZE FOR COUPLE WEEKS? AGREE. Retail investors believe market will keep going down. They SELL & start SHORTING STOCKS. Big money will SQUEEZE those brainless, get their $$. THE NEWS NOW IS NEWSLESS!

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