The Journey to Becoming a Stock Trader with Dr Jim Schultz of tastytrade &

“What really started to get me excited was understanding that if I take the time to educate myself, if I take the time to empower myself with knowledge, I can be rewarded…” Dr Jim Schultz

Dr. Jim Schultz, a former finance professor, is one of the key teachers and speakers at tastytrade and he’s the host of the show From Theory to Practice. An active motivational speaker, fitness coach, and born again Christian, Dr. Schultz is the founder of FCubed.

In today’s episode Dr. Jim Schultz (affectionately known as Dr. Jim) shares his story of how he got started as a stock trader and what he’s learned along the way.

What’s Dr. Jim’s advice for stock traders just getting started? “Start small. Start really, really, really small.”

Plus, Dr. Jim shares the ONE strategy you should master first if you’re interested in becoming a stock trader. Want to hear what that strategy is? Listen to the episode now!

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