The IRS is coming after crypto profits: CNBC After Hours’s Pippa Stevens brings you the day’s top business news headlines. On today’s show, Eamon Javers breaks down a recent court decision allowing the IRS to access the identities of taxpayers who use cryptocurrencies. Plus, Robert Frank explains what he calls the “triple tax threat” to real estate investors under President Biden’s policy proposals.


00:00 — CNBC After Hours: May 6, 2021
0:33 — Dow posts record close
1:34 — The IRS comes after cryptocurrency gains
4:21 — CNBC Soundcheck
6:02 — Triple tax threat
9:38 — Numbers Round

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40 thoughts on “The IRS is coming after crypto profits: CNBC After Hours”

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  2. Abolish the IRS and the fed. These entities along with our politicians have screwed the people for too long. Citizens are still paying these politicians even when they themselves are out of a job because of political policies. This is getting absurdly irrational.

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  9. Anyone surprised it's starting with California? They just looking to steal more money because they have zero knowledge on how to manage their own finances.

  10. Hahaha! Good luck, hard to tax what you can't see. I dont care who u are or what you do, you cannot tax my crypto lololol just not possible. Govt has plenty of revenue streams. Never paid tax on crypto, not gonna start now.

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