The hustle 'n grind – Timothy Sykes Interview (penny stock trader)

EP 047: The hustle ‘n grind – beyond the big money, fast cars and exotic trips w/ Timothy Sykes

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40 thoughts on “The hustle 'n grind – Timothy Sykes Interview (penny stock trader)”

  1. Tim, is full of crap and all he does is marketing and his bottom line is selling courses. He should name his company back to Bull Ships because that's exactly what that is full of BS!!

  2. Don't mind me. Just some quick study notes here:
    18:30 Keep track of what you did right and what wrong. Keep spreadsheets.
    21:20 tips for people struggling to study: tune out noise. 
    24:00 productive study: study what’s working RIGHT NOW (25:30)
    27:40 make sacrifices to study
    38:25 what hold people back: not realizing studying is ongoing 
    44:00 Lack of confidence: Put in the work. Intellectual process. 
    55:00 Avoid thin volatility. Only stocks with 100K to 2M shares volume
    1:00:00 Be patient. He has limitation
    1:08:00 Press release just news hype. He has DVD teaching SEC filing 6 hrs long and boring.

  3. Great interview thank you A-aron 🙂 yes this guy is a marketing genius but he understands the penny stock market better than most and to be real … if a Jew wants to teach you how to make money .. you'd be smart to listen lol, credit to him for 'sharing' his knowledge … its easy to hate on him because he puts himself out there and not many are prepared to share their wins and loses …..

  4. Dont get me wrong, this was a good interview like all the interviews on Chat with Traders, and i respect Tim Sykes for his success, but like 85% of what Sykes says in this interview is self promotion. It's not really good advice at all and much of it is "Hey I have a DVD on this so you should go buy that." This goes for a lot of the more recent Tim Sykes content, he just brags in an attempt to motivate and gather evangelical buyers who are willing to throw money at him… I love this channel, but the majority of the other interviews were way more interesting and way more insightful than this.

  5. Aaron ure such a great guy, patient and respectful, amazing interviewer! You can melt people in your charisma by your style of communicating

  6. Ive been trading 20 years. and Im just 40 years old..seen it all. This guy is the biggest "spruiker" TOOL in circualtion…nothing makes sense. for a start..NO BROKERS OFFER SHORT TRADING ON PENNING STOCKS!!!!! Doesnt happen. !!!! BIG TOOL SALES MAN!!!

  7. Just know that he uses his chat room to pump stocks he's trading and then dump them. He reports his sale to the chat room after he made his trades. Look for his excuses about updates like he was too busy or whatever other excuses to leave his members in the dust of the dump. I was on his chat room for a year and caught on to his manipulations so I quit the site.

  8. This is one the best podcasts of the series to date. Timothy Sykes is a phenomenal success story based on real world experience.
    I would like to see Anton Kriel and perhaps one of the greatest day traders on the planet today, Oliver Velez, be featured as future guests. Fabulous work Aaron.

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