The Downfall of the Furus from Atlas Trading

The pump-and-dump scheme of Atlas Trading finally comes crashing down.

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38 thoughts on “The Downfall of the Furus from Atlas Trading”

  1. Maybe the minority opinion here but damn, they didn't click the mouse for these sheep that blindly followed them into whatever stock they were pumping. How many people listen to Cramer or price targets from hedge funds that are exactly the same pumpy bs. Also, a momentum move on a small cap could easily look like it was gonna keep running then start to fizzle out so CEI "$10 price target" might have seemed realistic at the time then price action changes and dude decides to sell. There is no money to be made trying to follow someone trading, it's about as useful as a gps that tells you "you were supposed to turn back there", always gonna be late on buys and sells by the time the news gets to you

  2. Nice content but making use of Black Marubozu has been quite lucrative and efficient, which made sir Louise's effective earning .. one hell of a Brainiac in analyzing the market trends reactions

  3. Follow a couple of those dudes for years now pre-pandemic and knew they were pumping finally decided to tune them out bout a year ago. It became all but obvious they were using their massive following to sway stock moves and line their pockets along the way

  4. great vid, i was shocked but not surprised and looking for a nice summation of things.. like why the dischord was blank when i logged back in for the first time in 2 years

  5. I mean come on man that Zack Morris kid claiming to have inside information buying before news comes out he didn't hide what he was doing his brain was so fixated on money he couldn't think straight

  6. These guys were 100%, owned and operated by, MAGA. They are criminals who should never see the light of day for the rest of their lives. Good bye and good riddance.

  7. ty for making this. it’s sad that many of these ppl get away so easy with the crimes they knowingly commit. i recall commenting on your atlas video saying those guys are not my crew, but still lame that these things happen so often and will continue to happen. trading can be a wonderfully engaging career, but people just dont want to believe it requires work, study, prep, discipline and consistency over a long period of time. it’s also scary how easily people will listen to or trust anyone with a large follower count. believe in yourselves first ya’ll xx

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