The BEST BROKERS for Europeans in 2023 (ETFs & Stocks)

🇪🇺 Best broker in Europe:
Let’s compare and review all of the most popular brokers for stocks and ETFs in Europe in search for the best one for long-term investors. Which one should you pick as a European investor in 2024 and which ones are best avoided? 👇 Links below!

Brokers mentioned in the video (ETFs & Stocks):
📌 Interactive Brokers: 🇪🇺
📌 Trade Republic: 🇪🇺
📌 Scalable Capital: 🇩🇪🇦🇹🇪🇸🇫🇷🇮🇹🇳🇱
📌 Degiro: 🇪🇺
📌 Flatex: 🇦🇹
📌 Smartbroker: 🇩🇪🇦🇹
📌 Trading212: 🇪🇺 (promo code: ANGELO for a free share)
📌 Freedom24: 🇪🇺
📌 eToro: 🇪🇺
📌 XTB: 🇪🇺

👉 Compare ETFs & Stocks:
📈 Where I Track my ETFs:

Video Time-Stamps:
00:00 Broker Comparison (incl. my ETF-Portfolio after 6 years)
01:02 A good broker needs to meet these requirements!
02:49 Best Brokers for Europeans (Long-Term)
02:58 Interactive Brokers
04:34 Trade Republic
05:22 Scalable Capital
07:01 Degiro
08:15 Saxo bank?
08:50 Best Broker in Austria: Still Flatex?
10:09 Best Brokers in Germany
10:40 Trade Republic, Scalable Capital, Smartbroker
11:52 Short-Term Brokers (here’s why)
12:25 Trading 212
13:09 Lightyear
14:33 Freedom24 (US ETFs!)
16:34 eToro
17:38 XTB
18:31 Long-term vs. Short-term brokers – Do you agree?

💰 All my investments (incl. P2P lending):
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My main ETF: Vanguard FTSE All-World Accumulating (ISIN: IE00BK5BQT80, Ticker: VWCE)

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Some of the links are affiliate links, which help support me and the YouTube channel. Still, none of the links are sponsored.

Disclaimer: I am only sharing my own experience. I’m not a financial advisor and you should always do your own research and due diligence before investing. Investing involves risk of losses.

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47 thoughts on “The BEST BROKERS for Europeans in 2023 (ETFs & Stocks)”

  1. How do you feel about the brokers I mentioned?
    📌Interactive Brokers:
    📌Trade Republic:
    📌Scalable Capital:
    📌Freedom24: (🇺🇲 ETFs)
    📌Flatex: 🇦🇹
    📌Trading212: (promo code: ANGELO for a free share)
    👉Compare ETFs & Stocks:
    📈Where I track my ETFs:
    💰My Investments in P2P and Crypto:

  2. Degiro used to be great but after Flatex took them over, i'm not happy anymore. The fees quadrupled (e.g. NYSE from 0,50€/trade to 14,90€ and 3,90 / 4,90 for German stock exchanges) … I'm happy to see this video and will move to another broker.

  3. thanks for the inforamtive video, I am based in germany and currently using IG broker for the day trading, but I think this broker is the best for us citizens and not europeans, which broker would you recommend for european to use for day trading ?

  4. What about Swissquote? It's a bank and has high trading fees (as most banks do) but has no custody fees. In comparison with Saxo Bank, it might be cheaper for those who have a large portfolio and who do only a few trades per year. For the sake of completeness, since you have mentioned Saxo Bank, you should also mention Swissquote in future videos.

  5. DEGIRO, XTB and International Brokers seem to be most commonly chosen here in Portugal. 🇵🇹 Thank you for your video, it was nice seeing the overall selection for an average European investor.

  6. Hello Angelo,
    I find your videos very informative. I am an expat here in Germany and I would like to use IBKR instead of the local brokers here in Germany like Smartbrokers, Trade Republic and Scalable. How can I make this possible without running into tax issues? Thank you.

  7. One friend of mine told me that Etoro is a good broker because in their platform and as a European citizen, I get the chance to buy US-based ETFs. She justified that US-based ETFs have significantly lower TER than the Earope domicile ETFs, they are so large in liquidity size that chances that they will have higher growth and lowest spreads than their equivalent European ETF (UCITS). I did as advised, but now I realise that what I bought in Etoro’s platform is CfDs of the US-based ETFs and not the real underlying stock. I am very disappointed since this was not my intention considering CfDs are risky, and I am a new investor. I didn’t use leverage, just my own cash. Can you recommend what I shall do now? I wanted to buy and hold forever, but now I have CfDs. Should I still consider holding them long term or keep it until they go up in price and sell, to get rid of CfD investment?

  8. Could you please give a brief assessment of Nordnet? I live in Norway, and they offer an account, called Individual Saving Account, which is like a temporary wallet. Any realized cash and gains from sales of ETFs will not be taxed as long as they reside in this account. One can then use this money to buy new stocks and ETFs. Do the interactive brokers offer the same? if not, any of the other low-fee global brokers can do?

  9. I'm experiencing frustrations with both DeGiro and Trading212 which has led me to question the reliability of these trading platforms. Trading212's lack of transparency regarding restrictions on purchasing more of certain stocks I already own is particularly irksome.

    DeGiro presents technical challenges, with its mobile app rendering unusable and desktop login problems requiring a call to support. Considering a return to DeGiro due to Trading212 limitations, I find myself locked out and facing a non-functional app. I had left DeGiro earlier in the year for a similar reason of being unable to trade certain instruments I've traded for years. I had no problem with this at Trading 212 but now have other issues with them on buying certain stocks I already own on the platform and they have prevented me from adding to my position.

    Reflecting on the stability of TD Ameritrade in the UK, despite higher costs, I can't help but wonder if their exit foresaw the regulatory complications currently plaguing current platforms.

    I'm contemplating Interactive Brokers as an alternative, with its promise to eliminate middlemen, but it will add a learning curve and there is no guarantee I won't experience similar issues with them. I am tempted to find a US broker and just pay transfer fees with my bank to trade in the US instead without all of this nonsense.

  10. Best Informative Video for me as a German. Started some weeks ago with Trading 212 but propable gonna switch to Trade Repuplic after this Video.

    A Video how to Deal with the Taxes (and how the Brokers handle it for you) would be really interessting. For me is still the question how to use the tax exempt amount (Freibetrag | Freistellungsauftrag) for long term investments.

  11. Hi Angelo, as an expat in Austria, too, I wanted to ask you which strategy you prefer for ETFs: whether accumulating or distributing in particular. A colleague of mine has put the accent on the taxation, and I am worried about the yearly money to be paid, that makes accumulating less convenient compared to other countries, like UK, or even Italy.

  12. @AngeloColomboFi congrats for your excellent work. There is one question i want to ask you. I am thinking of starting investing for as long period as i could. So to be the owner of the shares is not negotiatable. Trade Republic seems to satisfly all my needs. My question is: How the ability to transfer shares ensures that you are the owner of the shares and that shares are in your name? I am afraid that in most of the platforms we believe that we are the owners but this is not truth. And until something really bad happens we won't learn.

  13. Thank you. As an Australian physically in Germany but not registered & technically still an Australian resident & I bound to Australian brokers or what brokers have I access to in Eu ?

  14. Hi Angelo! Nice video. My mother lives in Germany and im in US. I use Vanguard here and she told me there is Vanguard in Germany also. Today she bought 4 shares of Vanguard s&p 500 UCITS through them but they charged her a 7 euro fee for the transaction. Is that a normal thing ? I dont pay any fees here in US except the annual fee expense .

  15. Trading 212 is great but they have a crazy "spread" on ETFS. I tried selling 20.000 euros of S&P500 to 20.000 euros of Global FTSE (VWRL) and the spread difference was 500 euros. Not exactly a zero fee broker then…. 🙁

  16. Just seen this:-
    INVESTOR ALERT: Law Offices of Howard G. Smith Announces Investigation of Freedom Holding Corp. (FRHC) on Behalf of Investors
    On August 15, 2023, Hindenburg Research published a report alleging, among other things, that Freedom “brazenly skirts sanctions”, shows signs of fake revenue, “commingles customer funds then gambles assets in highly levered, illiquid, risky market bets”, and displays signs of market manipulation in its investments and publicly traded shares. Further, the report alleged that Freedom still does business in the Russian market despite “fire-[selling]” its Russian business following the Ukraine invasion, and that “the company has openly flouted sanctions along with anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) rules.”

  17. Many thanks for that, especially the info regarding US ETFs. I have an usual taxation position in that I am tax resident in Ireland but not domiciled in Ireland (I am not Irish). This means that I only pay tax on capital gains or income which I bring into Ireland from my investments. Except – for funds which qualify under the Irish offshore funds regime. Under this you pay 41% on all realised capital gains and after 8 years 41% on your paper gains! All income from these funds are taxed under the Irish income tax regime whether or not you bring it into the country. All funds within the UCITS scheme fall within this regime so I can not invest in in them. Also the few non UCITs ETFs are all domiciled in Ireland (Vanguard and iShares) so my investments are deemed to be bought into Ireland and liable to Irish tax. So I am restricted to investing in UK investment companies, see here:-, stocks and bonds.
    So I really need to be able to invest in USA ETFs which do not qualify as funds under the Irish offshore fund regime (Canadian ETFs do apparently). Most of the brokers in Europe do not allow their customers to buy USA ETFs because under EU regulations they do not have a KIID which is ridiculous as this is an absolutely useless document. I recently opened an account with IBKR and was very disappointed to discover that not only can I still not invest in USA ETFs but the account has an Irish address bringing any investments under the Irish domestic tax regime! I never made any investments and will be closing this account, I will try Freedom 24 instead. It seems to me that the EU regulations are designed to stop retail investors investing in non EU domiciled funds, given that retail investors are allowed to invest in CFDs and all forms of options but not USA ETFs this can only be seen as a blatant piece of EU protectionism.

  18. Ciao, io investo in Italia con Fineco, vedo diversi svantaggi con questo broker: alte quote per transazione, tasse sul capitale (non sul guadagno realizzato, c'è anche quello naturalmente) e varie limitazioni per investire in certi titoli (oltre agli etf "non armonizzati), per esempio non lascia investire in Realt Income. Che ne pensi?

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