The 3 Filters I Use To Find The Best Swing Stocks | Young Investors

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32 thoughts on “The 3 Filters I Use To Find The Best Swing Stocks | Young Investors”

  1. thanks for sharing, i just opened a trading account last month.. and looking for swing set up.. i live that you are giving back to the community.. im from philippines, and i join also a group here with the same vision to give back to the not so blessed people.. good day!!!

  2. Ricky, you need to stop saying “Oversold”. The RSI (Relative Strength Index) does not indicate “oversold” and “overbought”. It is an indicator that essentially reflects the degree to which the market is bullish or bearish. Just because it peaks above/below 70/30 does NOT mean it’s going to snap back like a rubber band. It is a way to gauge the momentum of trading. And will you for the love of god quit referring to your 15 day EMA as your “EMA”, say “EMA15”…be specific! By the way, an EMA20 is more useful as it represents an actual month of trading (give or take holidays).

  3. hey Ricky…solid advice. Your EMA being a swing trade and you want to trade over a few days or weeks, is based on say a 10 day average or would you have a better understanding of the stock by using an EMA of 30 days or more ???

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