Teaching a 9 Year Old How to DAY TRADE!

Is is possible to teach your kids how to trade? Well, I spent some time with a 9 year old to find out….Watch what happens!!

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45 thoughts on “Teaching a 9 Year Old How to DAY TRADE!”

  1. I love it. It's better to let the kids to learn financial skills, espacially for earning money instead of allowing their parents to buy everything what they want and doing unnecesary thing(like playing videogame and on the electronics often). Although it may be useful for every aspect of life, they also being taught to be discipline, consistent, and generally improved to be better people.

  2. I agree that schools should be teaching students about finance and money management. It should be a required course. I support public education, but it is missing some key elements.

  3. Great video. Wanted to teach 12 year old nephew how to trade. Going to tell him if he can make good decisions and make money with the simulator that I will fund him with 500$ and let him do what he wants.

  4. Hello Jared, thanks for all the trading lectures. Question, what platform do you use? I use Webull. Unless I'm doing something wrong, it seems to take a little time setting up my trade. By the time I set up my entry price, target and STOP LOSS, the price of the stock has changed. Thanks in advance.

  5. Great video, I am planning to buy some stock but I don’t know which is best for long term I am not use to stock investment, please help me or send me the best stock to buy for future at Least 1/2 yrs !

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  7. Dear Mr. Jared,
    Truly it's amazing and thoughtful idea to teach our young kids about stock market and commodities.
    Pure heart and clear mind in early age of kids will always grasp quickly and clearly. And above it all, idea to teach money management for them in such early age will help them for their entire life.
    Thanks for sharing such video, will surely teach my kids about it.

    Thanks again.

    Truly yours,

  8. Cool video really enjoyed the change of pace there.. I agree teaching kids finances, at least how to look after money and respect it. I think the stock market itself isn't a great idea, something that should come later in peoples lives tbh.. People should learn how to work, conduct themselves and once they have built up a modicum of wealth, then potentially learn about investments and the financial markets. Teaching our kids not to be slaves to financial debt, and the value and function of money should always come first.

  9. Brilliant video!!! I’m one of those parents that was never taught this. My husband and I have been watching and learning from your videos for almost a year, and we have had our 16 year old son engaged for about 8 months now as well. We have woken up! Our son has seen the light and is focused on getting a finance degree (that’s the one he needs, right?) so he can “change the cycle”. Thank you for changing our lives and teaching us how to “responsibly” take control of building our wealth.

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