Tax Difference: $100k LLC vs $100k Stock Trader

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12 thoughts on “Tax Difference: $100k LLC vs $100k Stock Trader”

  1. You're kidding right? Is that 100K LLC income after expenses or gross revenue. There are a lot of expenses to reduce that 100K income. Far too simplistic example to be a real world example of why to use a business entity structure. Don't forget the horrid, 3K cap loss limit as an individual. Every taxpayer has a different situation to address and one size does not fit all.

  2. I’ve been trading forex for 2 years. (Wasn’t profitable) Now this month alone I made $5,000. If this continues and I’m profitable as an individual (don’t have LLC) would I be paying around 25%-35% Taxes?

  3. Not a beginner friendly breakdown, you didn't really explain which numbers were associated with which type of income (I know you showed the forms but again, beginners don't know the difference… could've been helpful to also add that in there).

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