Swing Trading – Can Swing trading make you rich ? | Stocks

How to become rich in swing trading with a plan. In this video we will discuss about swing trading & can you be rich in swing trading ?


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27 thoughts on “Swing Trading – Can Swing trading make you rich ? | Stocks”

  1. Typical paper trader mentality. Bro market hai , FD nahi hai. Itna linear faaltu ka calculation. Looks good on paper. Market me utro, 1 lac profit bana k dikhaao. Sab Excel vexel ghus jaayega sahi jagah.

  2. Only a paper trader would show such calculations. 😂 This guy expects you to take 10 trades a month and target around 18% in each trade. Anyone who follows market would know that it takes weeks if not months to make around 18-20%. That too hardly few move that much, and to make 120 such trades throughout the year. 😂😅 Such unrealistic calculations will only give disappointment.

  3. here u r suggesting for 8% of positioning per capital but in some vedios u tell calculate positioning as per specific stock suport level and risk..pls clarify sir am little bit confused.. my capital is arround 5lac.. whether to take 8 percent position or as per stock risk?

  4. Jo teri sunega tere is plan pe chalega Tu zarur logo ko road pe laayega, ja jaake mentor dhoond, 8% single trade pe risk lene ka bol raha hai, jua khelna sikha raha hai kya, aur tune kitni baar banavl liye 1cr, mu uthaya kuch aata nahi hai, toh chalo YouTube pe har kuch bol ke paisa kamaye views se, accha funda hai tum logo ka

  5. Team, please look this in practical, in present situation even its difficult to get 4% return for a month and 48% in a yr, even if you achieve 40% return for a yr, its good, calculate basis on this, rest all are wasting our time. 1:3 RR is totally not possible at present situation, if the war is end, crude oil comes to normal, Chinas change its mind for Taiwan and USA economy will do good, expect RR 1:3, otherwise its again waste of time.

  6. I m swing trader. I always think that to make 1cr you have to do option n future trading ,not possible in swing or cash trading and I am planning to switch from swing trading to option selling but after watching this video I'll stick to swing trading only.
    Thank you

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