Stock Trading Expert: 3 Tips To Becoming A Profitable Trader

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Trading the stock, option or futures markets can give you a lifestyle business that takes a LOT of beating. You don’t have any employees, you don’t have a boss, you get time freedom with no clock to punch, and you can run your business from anywhere.

Not to mention, you can make a lot of money if you get it right.

If only it wasn’t so damn hard to make it all work… right?

You might know what I mean. You sit down and go through your analysis, you see a trade opportunity, and hit the buy or sell button. But then you start to worry about everything that could possibly go wrong.

What if I’m in the wrong way? Or the wrong Stock? What if that reporter on TV was right about the non-farm payroll number coming in higher than expected? What of the Fed could raise rates this afternoon?

You feel sick in the stomach and your mind starts racing with all sorts of ‘What if this happens?’ thoughts, so you decide to get out of the trade, and wait until tomorrow to see what happens.

Then you go to the shops, the beach, or for a long walk… you do anything to take your mind off trading for today.

Tomorrow will be better, you just know it will be, and you get that feeling of relief knowing your precious capital is no longer at risk today.

But tomorrow, it’s probably gonna the same. There’s a different set of risks maybe, but they are still there, haunting you and hurting your ability to think rationally. You still take a few trades, but your confidence and your account balance start to suffer. If this (or something like it) sounds familiar, here is a simple three-step solution to your trading problems.

Step 1 – Decide that trading is a business just like any other business. Traders who are successful over a long period of time treat their trading as a business, not a hobby.

Traders who quickly blow their accounts and give up are often trading for the excitement the action gives them, or for the rush of being in the market.

If that sounds like your current trading style, be very careful. You are possibly in for for a lot of emotional and financial pain before your trading days are over (which could be sooner than you think right now). If you treat trading as a business, and take the time to learn and test different approaches, you’ll massively increase your chances of long-term success.

Step 2 – Trade Reality. It’s very hard to forecast where the market is going with any degree of consistancy, so it’s best not to try. If you trade reality, you’ll probably be around a lot longer, and make a lot more money.

I have a lot of respect for WD Gann’s work, but he was a master, and most of us will never achieve that kind of wisdom and understanding.

The bottom line is this – trade the trend you see in front of you. Gann’s stuff can help you to stay with that trend, and trade out of counter trends (which is our favorite strategy, as you’ll see in our email series), but if you start trying to pick tops and bottoms – well, I wish you lots of luck with that.

Step 3 – Get a Mentor. Learn how to trade from somebody who is prepared to coach, guide and mentor you until you are making money on your own.

To succeed at trading long-term you must think and act like a business person in any other market would. You will need to study and learn how to trade by taking courses and gaining experience. You will need to develop a business plan and have enough capital to make it through your learning curve and become a successful trader.

You will need on-the-job training, but learning this way from scratch can be terribly expensive compared to finding somebody who will coach you until you are ready.

You’ll learn how to trade much more quickly if you have somebody who’s done it profitably watch over your shoulder and guide you through the process.

The bottom line is this: Look for somebody who has been where you are now and succeeded, and work out how you can get them to coach and mentor you. If you do, your chances of becoming a hugely profitable trader will get a whole lot better.

Check out to watch a free 26 minute tutorial video showing step by step how to enter fast-moving trends when they are just getting started, and hold your position until the trend is coming to an end.

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