Stock Trader turned $11k to $120 Million BNF ? #shorts

The best retail trader in history Takashi Kotegawa turned $11,500 into over $150 million dollars in less than 7 years. He Did this during a bear market as a long retail trader never goingShort, A Contrarian using the 25 day ma and watched a group of the same stocks and got in the strong ones dropping far below the 25 day.
October 2000: $11,657
End of 2000: $20,396
2001: $444,407
2002: $728,536
2003: $1,967,048
2004: $7,285,364
2005: $58,282,912
2006: $109,261,356
2007: $120,187,491
2008: $145,681,808 Because of the global financial crisis he Bought Buildings one for $76,000,000 to diversify.
2021: Rumors- $1,456,910,000 With real estate growth.
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  1. Imagine what one can do when you totally focus on trading instead of selling courses and ‘mULtiPlE sTrEAms oF iNcOMe hurrrdurrr’ .. he isn’t alone either. CIS and Testa did basically same amounts. Proves what happends when one is single minded and goes all in. We all wanna constantly empty our accounts and go with $50-100-200k accounts only to be safe… but they didn’t do that. They just let the snowballs grow.

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