Stock Trader Reacts to New Michael Reeves Video – I Gave My Goldfish $50,000 to Trade

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37 thoughts on “Stock Trader Reacts to New Michael Reeves Video – I Gave My Goldfish $50,000 to Trade”

  1. You said 'wow' to one of the best jokes and burns Michael has ever made. "That's how you turn a 5 hour task into a month and a half task. Because I'm a programmer, and that's what we do.' You need to watch his other videos. He is peak performance for savage humor, hard work, laziness, self deprecation, intelligence, memes, and audience hate form the heart in a comedic fashion. He's a beast. You're reaction is also the best I've seen cause nearly all of the others are dead pan then dying in laughter. Usually without breaking anything down or picking up on stuff like the unplugged mic.

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