Stock Market September Bear?

The majority of investors have turned bearish as we approach September, one of the seasonally most bearish months of the year. Would September 2023 be as bearish as previous years? What can we expect from September to the end of the year?


00:00 | Stock Market September Bear?
03:04 | 4 Reasons Why I’m More Bullish
10:06 | Market Sectors I’m Looking To Invest In
13:25 | Why I Sold Put Options

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50 thoughts on “Stock Market September Bear?”

  1. How everything turned out since this video: September was bearish (of course). US 10Y goes higher (like a rocket). Crude oil pumped and dumped. Dollar skyrocketed. Of course, no one can predict the short-term correctly 100%. That's why we invest long-term.

  2. So many Americans now are living paycheck to paycheck especially the middle class. More and more people are struggling to pay credit card debts and student loans are due in Oct. China is on a recession and so is Europe but the mainstream media’s narrative is now bullish and banks are canceling US recession. Sounds fishy??? Look at the yield curve and now everyone seems to be bullish again when there’s so many red flags out there. Warren Buffett just recently sold again and holding more cash. Blackrock is putting their money to bonds. Nvidia CEO has just sold a bunch of shares recently. The big boys know what’s coming, not Adam Khoo or some YouTuber teaching people how to trade.

  3. Hi Adam and All: I have a question seeking your answer. The iwm:spy ratio is now at multi-year low (since 2000), and it is declining year after year. Why small cap performs so poorly against large cap? With iwm:spy at historical low, is the current market going to rise? Thank you.

  4. September is the last month of a fiscal year for many big companies. S&P500 and Nasdaq100 will have many sell off of big company stocks thus cause the dip. This is not a prediction, it's a cycle. Stock market is volatile end of every quarter and most volatile end of the 4th quarter.

  5. I agree: in a bull market usually the shorts do not reach as low as their assumed target.
    Thus shorting in a bull market is dangerous.
    …. but the same is true also on the opposite direction. Lol.

  6. or sea ltd, under yahoo finance cash flows section. their free cash flows in their cash flow statement is usd $-2b negative..there are issurance of debt of 2B in their cash flows statement which not shown in quarterly statement. btw, if company going to insolvency , it is due to their cash flow, not income statement. They issued convertible notes shown in their 2022 annual report with $4.8B. not sure what are these notes for?

  7. With the exception of 2019, which ended in a massive crash a couple months after the new year, did any of these have an inverted 10 year – 3 month yield curve. Let alone a yield curve inverted for a full year or such a steep one.

  8. My advice to anyone starting out in the market is to seek guidance as its the best way to build long term wealth while managing your risk and emotions with the passive investing strategy.

  9. Hi Adam. As always, thank you for putting these golden materials here in YT. In your upcoming video releases could you please cover India's ETF? They're ramping up and become so attractive. Thanks in advance.

  10. We will see if the AI Sector stocks can continue to Outperform the Overall tech sector with * SOUN Leading the Charge in September ..Now Up 11 % week Will Dip-buying Investors keep delivering more Green than red Closings days. Thumbs UP Video / Thanks.

  11. Adam, may I ask why are you interested in United Health when their net profit margin is usually only in the single digits? Their income is relatively predictable and they do have stable and growing cash flow, but they are a very low margin business. You previously mentioned that you do not like the auto industry and stocks like Tesla bcos it's very low margin.

  12. Adam, do you based on delta on selling put options during a bear market? how does it work in a correction? Also how about a video on small caps like $pins? Thanks in advance!

  13. Excellent content— i am probably leaving a lot of $ on the table but options trading doesn’t feel right…or speak to…even though your descriptions are first rate

  14. They will pull the rug when everyone thinks that the economy is looking good and it’s gonna get better when it’s not. Most investors now think that the market is going to rebound. Watch George Gammon interview about the yield curve. They will keep raising rates especially that the Core inflation is still up and something will break!

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