Stock Market INTRA DAY traders का असली सच | Stock market trader income | Neeraj Arora

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36 thoughts on “Stock Market INTRA DAY traders का असली सच | Stock market trader income | Neeraj Arora”

  1. i think one can make good money with F&O only if they know what they are doing,
    trading entails learning price action, risk management, and many other things

    there are many people who have made solid profits with trading but they have completely dedicated themselves into that

  2. The problem is that people dont consider trading as an alternative method rather they consider trading as magical method that is better than investing and will help them to earn 100 percent a year ?. Even if we do trading, in reality we cannot earn more than 20-25 percent CAGR in the long run which is ultimately same as what you get in agreesive investment strategy.
    Most of the traders do trading without a system and concrete rules.

    Ultimately so called trading gurus earn crores of money by just selling illogical motivation and dreams through their non sense trading course. E.g chooming bulls ?

  3. Sir trading is very boring thing we do same thing everyday same strategy everyday same homework everyday it's more boring than investing bcos by just investing u can do more things but when u enter trading u have to do same thing everyday it's more boring than studying sir don't think that traders have dopamine in their brain ? while trading . I am a banknifty trader since 2 years and have realised that its all ruled based thing u have to stick to ur own created rules if you don't follow them for just 1sec that 1 sec will wipe out ur capital so it's a myth that trading is interesting and fun infact the truth is trading requires 100X more patience than long term investing , even for 1 single trade without peace as I mentioned above can wipe out ur entire capital , pls sir it's a humble request don't discourage students from trading as younger people learn and execute trading like magic they are the real asset of trading firms it takes time to learn if student start learning till the age to 20-25 they can be super traders youth is very powerful in field of trading sir . Lot of love and respect to u sir I don't mean to hurt anyone

  4. Guys I lost 1 lakh in trading…Roz sochta hu aaj recover karunga..aaise karte karte aur niche jata Jaa Raha hu..I also buys multiple tips subscription..but nothing's works..plz stay away from Trading…

  5. Trading doesn't means only Intra day or FnO. Based on strategies If you buy today and sell in a year then u can beat Investor. And as for me only promoter are investor rest all are trader. Take Ex of HUL, I made 40% in a year (10-20% 2-3 times). Investor still in loss in HUL.

  6. thank u sir aapke kehne se hi maine investing start ki thi 3 yr phle aaj maine bht kuch market se sikha hai….ab part time me maine investing and littel bit trade karna sikha hai and CA ke course ke sath sath bht kuch sikhya hai aapne..FIN91….??

  7. In CA the success ratio is 10 to 20 in every 100
    And in Trading the success ratio is 1 in 1000 i.e. equivalent to 1000 in 10 lakh . Which is equivalent to cracking IAS Mains examination.
    Bcoz nitin kamath used to conduct competition for traders in early days of zerodha which shows these results.

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