Start Trading Stocks With $500 (and make easy money?)

If you are a teenager or someone in their early 20’s and are looking for ways to make money online, I’m so glad you have interest in the stock market! There is no doubt about it that the stock market opens up a world of money making opportunities. Whether you are looking to get started with trading stocks as a side hustle or more of a full time job type scenario, it is possible to make a lot of money! With all that being said…. I hope the majority of you already realize the talking point in this video, as you’ll see, some people are not aware. If you’re someone who is looking to keep your expectations in line with the true reality of trading so that you can be a successful day trader, then this video and topic is a requirement to understand.

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27 thoughts on “Start Trading Stocks With $500 (and make easy money?)”

  1. This guy is a gift from god I have never seen someone say that all these people flashing money on Instagram adds and YouTube telling me to buy courses are frauds. I’ve never paid for that bs and he explained exactly why thank youuuuu

  2. so i get the idea that easy and big money isn't real but is getting into stock trading possible with $500 and is there anything you can advise and instruct on how to do so?

  3. I'm 1 minute and 40 seconds into your video and I'm very very confused is this a video about 18 year-old people buying stocks it seems that way so I will be moving on and watching other videos because I'm not 18 years old

  4. 19 and in college. My roommate just moved out of our apartment so I have to pay double the rent. Have 2 jobs, a girlfriend, and a lot of homework. Willing to grind all of this out to have a decent and successful future. That's all I care about. Thank you for your help! As someone who is struggling, it inspires me to try harder.

  5. Let’s say I have £500 in the uk
    What am I suppose to trade
    Spread betting or what else?
    What is the best option for day trading?

    Cfd’s can be £10 initial charge so if I profit £3 I’m still down £7
    But you can’t make much with let’s say £100 investment?

  6. some people started at age 14 on custodial accounts! I’m really happy for their path of life! I’m 17 and started one and i got enough to start day trading

  7. I'm 20 been investing for a while, but just started day trading. I'm using $500 but I've been chewed up and spit out so many times. Glad I found this channel and thank you Clay !

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