SoftBank Shares Tumble With Son’s Foray Into Options Trading

Sep.07 — SoftBank Group Corp. shares tumbled in Tokyo after reports that the Japanese conglomerate made substantial bets on equity derivatives amid the surge in technology stocks, touching off concerns that billionaire founder Masayoshi Son is embarking on a risky endeavor in unfamiliar territory. Dani Burger reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe.”

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41 thoughts on “SoftBank Shares Tumble With Son’s Foray Into Options Trading”

  1. 限界soft bank wの件

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  3. Call them for what they are…Pure gamblers and speculators. America has ABSOLUTELY nothing to offer. Just an army that extorts so Wall Street can dominate through the dollar and speculate accordingly.

  4. i've a theory..speculative theory?
    #SoftBank is controlled mostly by #MBS & #MBZ.. monstrous wealth funds. those guys could lose their heads if Trump loses..& for sure #Trump loses if the markets tanks
    they used SoftBank as the vehicle to prop up equities via derivatives mkts?‍♂️

  5. Is the Nasdaq whale is loosing its Midas touch ??
    The deplorable Vision fund performance caused by the One-web and WeWork catastrophic investment were maybe the canary in the coal mine ?

  6. Buy no brainer bullet proof cash rich companies:

    I bought Amazon, Apple, Nvidia, Zoom, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Wells Fargo, Netflix, Lowe's


  7. So they put on $4bn and their shares got hammered 7%,.. am I missing something? Since when has outright call option buying being risky? Kindly, find a presenter who knows what the hell he/she is talking about, rather than just repeat some old twaddle from Nomura, ffs.

  8. Son is like your regular joe poker player who likes to get involved in every hand, calling and bluffing to the end… usually there’re two outcome on any day… either he got wiped out clean or he got lucky at the river in one of the hands (alibaba) lol

  9. 4 Billion in options meaning 40 billion in profit. How do they know if Softbank already realized the gain or not. They probably already did.

  10. What kind of bank doesn't market make and instead gambles like a degen?
    Buying shares and calls with no hedge?
    This is ripe. As ripe as they come.
    Few. Understand. This.

  11. They also bought the top on Bitcoin in 2017 at 20k. And sold for huge losses.

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