Should You Quit As A Trader / Stop Trading? ?

Should You Quit As A Trader? PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! Should You Just Quit Trading? Should I quit stock market now due to heavy loss? Is it time to stop trading and say enough is enough? Knowing when to stop trading can be difficult. You may be in a position where you’ve lost money consistently and continuously over time and you might even have wiped out your capital. If that’s the case you can always get back to paper trading but that’s the worst case scenario. If you’ve wiped out your account maybe you shouldn’t put funds back in. If you’ve had a bad run it is really how you recover from such circumstances that makes the difference. Many traders just give up after a bad spell and think its not possible to make any money and think its one big scam out there. But if you are assessing the situation and recognise where you are getting it wrong you can work on your fault points and improve your trading. Other options could be to scale down your trading or start trading in smaller size. If you don’t want to put effort in then that’s a different story and it may be right to stop trading.

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Should You Quit As A Trader / Stop Trading? ?

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  2. I'm done with trading for the most part because you have remember that you are working against the the market makers and the banking institutions . Options FX is better the trading stocks in the US …

  3. What should I do when I can make a 60% return in one year of demo trading yet employ the same exact strategy in live trading and lose everything? That's the unfortunate bad luck factor that can't be strategized.

  4. Yes worse case scenario happened
    also the trading plan doesnt work and I've researched and tried other fucking plans and nothing works It feels like nothing works and I'm just a fucking failure no matter what I do

  5. If you are losing money go to a demo account and give yourself a realistic budget lets say $25.500 if you are daytrading on the NYSE. Keep a log and analyse every trade and make notes. Bud above all educate yourself.

  6. I did not start as a trader, but an investor. I am not good at trading, so I decided to invest for a longer period. So far I had a good job and investing is just a part-time job of making money. I did incur heavy losses in the year 2000's dotcom boom. What I did was to cut the losses, sold all the funds and stocks, and got back the capital. I waited for a long time till 2006, when the China IPO commenced. I did perform better than before as I pulled out in Dec 2007 to reap the profit. Throughout 2008, when the financial tsunami occurred, I was nearly dormant. After that, I rejoined the market in 2009 and learned the hard way of investing. Confidence was built up with time, and skills were improved year by year. Profits grew up and this year, they are quite good, which I could never have imagined years ago.

  7. Great thank you – very inspiring, just when I have gone through exactly what you say in the video. I have been spending a lot lot of time on my trading since October 2016 and a lot of money too. So clearly going through everything you mention in this video > THANK YOU

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