Should you Day Trade or Invest in Stocks? Day Trading vs Long Term Investing

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1:08 Day Trading vs Investing Long Term
2:53 Valuation of stock assets
5:50 Leveraged buying power, margin trading
8:38 Day Trading vs Investing taxes

Day Trading and Investing in the Stock Market are two very different practices that simply cannot be compared side by side. Below are the KEY differences:
1. Holding period
2. The way you see the stocks
3. Leveraged Buying Power
4. Risk of day trading vs Investing
5. Day Trading is a business and taxed like employment income.

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48 thoughts on “Should you Day Trade or Invest in Stocks? Day Trading vs Long Term Investing”

  1. Can someone explain please ? As a day-trader it’s not good idea to keep a stock as long as it’s on a good run ? Like a few days until there is a substantial dip ?

  2. I am thinking how if day traders are getting a minimum 5% return daily that’s 150% in a month let’s say it’s ? % /month that’s like doubling your money every month at least. In a year you are like a millionaire can anyone help me understand the math or I am getting something wrong

  3. venturing into the trading world without the help of a proffesional trader and expecting profit is like turning water into wine,You would need a miracle, thats why i trade with Loice Martha ,her skills set is exceptional.

  4. Does anyone have any recommendations for people who have good advice? There’s lots of the YouTube videos that don’t actually teach you anything and the comments are filled with bots telling you this person could make you rich

  5. If day trading worked better than indexing, there would be no limit on the expontial gains you could get, yet there are no day trading trillionaires. There's no reason the success would just "stop", unless the success stories are simply the ones that got lucky.

  6. Nice video as always! Just curious, on your long term portfolio, you just stomach the dips and corrections of your long term positions? Say it went up to 50$ per share and it might correct down to 30$.. you just buy the dip on your long term port? Thank you

  7. I'm in between, I only buy dividend stocks that will pay back itself in at most 10 years with dividends, I sell them when they start dropping, keep that money to buy them back when they are going back up again and increase the amount of stocks I have whenever I have time to do so. When I'm busy I let my stocks grow or lose on their own 🙂

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