Enjoy this video! I had fun making it!


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43 thoughts on “SELLING OPTIONS FOR INCOME / $1,500 A WEEK”

  1. Is no one going to mention that he also lost 5k? Sold put at $54 then stock dropped to $48. He was assigned at $54. (48 x’s 700) = 33,600 – (54 x’s 700) = 37,800 = -$5100. Video seems to be good, I just think he should mention the inherent risk instead of brushing it off saying he made $1500 a week. Maybe I just don’t fully understand.

  2. been selling options for 6 months now, and averaging $1400/week. There have been times when I've been stuck deep in the money and had to roll over positions. However, things usually sorted out and its the safest way to make money. The only thing that hurts is the high tax on short term capital gains

  3. I liked your video! Too often, people who want to teach get bogged down in "unnecessary details" – trying to speak more when they should talk less. To get someone interested – show the example first. Then post another video (or just add it to the bottom of your first post) with details.

    A bit like selling a new car. First, show them the car and then explain its real value (gas mileage, style, resale value, etc.). Save the words of "other" things you "could do" until the customer understands how the item works. This is valuable for EVERY customer coming to your website. The "LOOONG" video will kill your customer with details before they even know the cost or procedure or product.

    Why do that? You're not selling books or videos, your selling "making money".

  4. Have you considered trading options on seven different stocks instead of seven contracts on one stock? That way, if you are assigned on any of them and the value drops too low to sell covered calls on, you can wait until they recover and still trade the others.

  5. The stock never traded above $54 since he posted this video. Also, since the stock was consistently far below his average cost, he likely could not sell covered calls to further lower the cost base. As such, he is either still holding the stock (at a huge loss) or sold at a loss This is a classic example of how not to trade the wheel. Stick with solid stocks you believe in.

  6. No mention of the $37,800 it took to buy 700 shares of RIOT though. You could have made $15,000 / week if only you had an extra $378,000 in collateral.

  7. Right but then if you sell a call at 48 and get assigned you’ve lost $6 a share or $4200. This means in your example even if you get $1000 or so premium from your 48 call you’ve still lost $500.

    This is called the wheel strategy and this guy has not even slightly touched in the risks of it, actually in the example he’s given he lost money. Please do your research before going into this stuff, people like this will make it easy so you watch their videos and subscribe or buy their course but they rarely know what they’re doing

  8. Yeah it is great but until it goes against you. I strongly recommend you sell vertical spreads instead, it controls the max loss and you already know how much you will earn anticipated. Risk control 110%, good video tho

  9. I love this strategy, although the biggest con is if underlying drop too low. Then you need to sell a covered call way below what you got it for for decent premium, but at risk of it hitting and have to sell your stock at loss

  10. That’s quite a loss on the 2nd trade, especially with 7 contracts and being exercised. Adjustment was needed as the underlying price was falling. Roll out and roll down in that case at the right time.

    Now that you own the stock though, covered call strategy could work .. selling OTM calls for income.

    I see how you said selling the stock and shorting another OTM put would’ve worked as well, due to the premium potentially reducing your loss on that trade going south.

  11. I tried trading myself and lost over 700 in a night, this prompted me to get an expert sir Arlo Eric to handle it for a commission charge and I have been performing excellently well with good profits ratio weekly, quite an experience for me

  12. For me, the best way to find that balance between saving and living is by investing. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth and smart people will always try to harness any investment opportunity not minding the risks involved.

  13. But a risky investment to gain $1k in premium when you have to have ~35k in collateral. If done on stocks you don’t have enough or misinterpret the data, you‘re at rockbottom or needs the nerves to maneuver out of it again. Any recommendations with which stocks/ETFs to start options with? Guess less volatile ones or?

  14. You kinda glanced over the fact that you lost 4200 dollars by being assigned and that selling naked put options can be extremely risky if the price keeps tanking… what do you do then?

  15. You lost $2k in this example from decline in stock price. Also riot down to 9.99 so you would be continuously negative from selling covered calls as stock price drops. But I wonder if premiums would cover the 30k loss over 1 year.

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