Red Dead Online New DLC Trader Intro, How The Trader Business Works

Me talking about the new trader role and how the camp business works.
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42 thoughts on “Red Dead Online New DLC Trader Intro, How The Trader Business Works”

  1. The trader you guys should start first as it can produce in the background as you do other activities, but remember your camp has to be open. Also guys here is a few more tips for this business. Apparently each unit takes about 2 min to produce so 25 units will take about 50 min to produce for a $78 sale. Additionally you should get the dog early on to predict raids as you level up but I have not had my camp raided yet. I am really enjoying this update so far. What video do you guys want next collector or bounty hunter?

  2. I used to sell meat at the Butchers until he bought a prime beef for $0.45 and tried to sell it right back to me for $5. Utterly insane. I demolished valentine and my honor and my controller, the holy trifecta

  3. Hey guys i have the medium wagon and yesterday i sold 100 supplies for 600$ but now I’m selling 100 supplies for only 300$, does anybody knows why?

  4. Seems like only I didn't had the mission after starting it or maybe I did something wrong, idk, but the server kicked me because I stand up for something and when I came back my camp spawn in different place than the one I've chose especially for the trader business. Now I don't have any leading signs or anything that tells me what to do or whatever

  5. Professional I have always followed you on Grandtheft auto five with the business DLC‘s help me a lot so thank you so much for that and it is so good to see you on red dead redemption giving tips and trades on how to produce money I hope to see a live stream one day if it be possible to see you run your business but I love your money making methods on games like this keep up the good work bro

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