#psx | Now, Its PDM Part 2 | تُو PSX کا اب خُدا حافظ #stockmarket #sharemarket

#psx | Now, Its PDM Part 2 | تُو PSX کا اب خُدا حافظ #stockmarket #sharemarket #trading #trend #pakistanstockexchange #psxtoday #psxupdate #stocks #stockanalysis #sharemarketnews #analysis #bull #bearmarket #bears
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  1. Long term investors need not to worry, however traders may follow him, thumb rule is very simple, if sponsor shareholders haven't sold their equity, why should you?
    It's a simple Thumb Rule, follow the sponsor Equity shareholders.
    Mansha nahien Beachay gaa, Fuji nahien Beachay gaa , Engro nahien Beachay gaa , Tou Hum bhi Nahien Beachay gaa.
    Jaaoo kittni bhi neachay laani hey ley aaoo, hum aur Khreaday gaa.

  2. Agle 6 months tak caretaker hi gov chali gi pti ne 80 national assembly seats k results rukwa rahi hai or 104 punjab assembly k result b or 15 ka result tu ruk b dia hai matlb agle 6 months tak market 40000 tak a jai gi

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