Placing Stop Orders on Stocks

Learn how to place a stop order on a stock you already own using


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31 thoughts on “Placing Stop Orders on Stocks”

  1. How do you set up a order type that allows you to automatically sell at a high price and automatically exit out at a lower price. Is that possible?

  2. I exactly did that @52 when the stock price was @55.23 and They sold my stock @55.25 right after I place my order. Now the stock price is over $56.00
    Pissed off..

  3. So we would need to use Stop Market if we want our stocks to sell by itself automatically right? For example I have a A stock which is at 50 dollars but I can put Stop Market at 35 dollars and when stocks goes down to 35 or less it would sell automatically right?

  4. I want to place a stop order on a share I own before the share price gets to a specific higher price than what it is right now. Is it possible? For example, my share price is $90 right now but I bought it at $100 and I want to sell it at $110. How can I place that order? Last time I tried it was executed right away and lost money. TD Ameritrade is not clear stating the each stop order difference making it very confusing in that aspect when compared to other platforms.

  5. When placing a stop loss, why are 2 prices required? One says, "price" and the other says "activation price." In this outdated video, there is only "activation price." Not what I see on my screen.

  6. Can a stop order be triggered only during regular trading hours, or can it be triggered during post and pre-market trading hours? Does it have to be reset every day? Is there a way to set a stop sell order to be triggered at any time, including post and pre-market, and to stay in place indefinitely so that it doesn't have to be reset each day?

  7. Can you place a stop limit (Stop Loss) order before your order executes? E.g. I have an order for 1000 shares of AAPL at $100. How do set a stop limit order to sell the $1000 shares at $95?

  8. If I order "Sell" and the order type is "Stop market" and "GTC good till cancel" instead of Day…when the stock goes up significantly the next 2 days and want to Sell by then, what would happen to the previous Sell order with the Stop?

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