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Hi, this is Dipayan, your friend and your host for learning palmistry.
This video is about various signs present on our palm, mainly from this video; you will get information about various rare signs which gives a positive impact on our lives.
After watching this video you will know about art of trading, which sign makes you highly reliable and faithful individuals, success in stock the market through palmistry, palmistry for stock market, career in the stock market, and all about Taurus Rashi People, the character of Taurus Rashi people, their mentality and personality, etc. also you will know about the Mahadasha chart, Shani sade Sati.

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—Contents of this video—
00:00 intro
00:28 about Dipayan Ghosh
00:51 about Taurus Rashi people
01:29 about Jupiter maha dasha and rashu antardhasa
01:42 about shani sade sathi
02:49 about half circle line on lifeline
04:09 about ketu mount
04:35 about faith line on moon mount
06:01 about heart line
06:50 about sun mount
06:01 about heart line
07:32 about v shape on Saturn mount
08:17 about horizontal line on venus mount
08:49 about square on jupiter mount
09:32 about digital birth chart, horoscope reading

This video also includes moon sign on the lifeline, branches on Ketu mount, clean and clear heart line, two straight lines on sun mount, V shape on Saturn mount, square on Jupiter mount, horizontal line on venus mount, faith line, etc.
1. About Taurus Rashi people: Mainly Taurus Rashi people can see things from a grounded, practical and realistic perspective. Always they find an easy way to make money. A big point is that Taurus Rashi people can stay on the same projects for years, or until they have completed. They have great long-term friends and partners. They will have all the growth and development in their life.
2. Half moon on lifeline: This type of sign on the lifeline is a very rare sign and it has various positive impacts. This sign is an extension of lifeline and it looks like a half-moon. If you have this sign on your palm then it makes you a very success-oriented person and you will plan things very efficiently before jumping on any work. You will accept responsibilities as it is in your nature.
3. Faith line goes to moon mount: This type of sign like two roads coming together and going in one direction, which is created using the luck line or faith line is a good sign for sudden success, it gives you success in the field of creativity, entertainment, artistic pursuit, higher education, gain, income from investments, stock market and speculation, actually, this sign is best for the stock trader. This sign also indicates that you get hurt emotionally and mentally very easily.
4. Little finger crossed the third line: If your little finger is crossed the third line of the ring finger then it represents that you are a reliable and trustworthy person. You believe that “actions speak louder than words”
5. Clean and clear heart line: If your heart line is clean and clear, then it can be said that you have magic in your hand. This type of heartline can be seen on some famous musician’s and singer’s palms. if you look into A R Rahaman and Atif Aslam’s palm then you will find a similar type of heart-line. And having this type of heart line makes you a lifelong learner. This line also gives you a unique voice, you are fluent, verbal, brainy, witty. You are swift absorbers of information and holders of encyclopedic knowledge on an infinite variety of topics.
6. V shape on the Saturn mount: V shape on the Saturn mount tells that you will shine in your life. But early in your life you were humiliated and deceived by many people. In one word, I can say that you will be a perfectionist.
7. Horizontal lines on the venus mount: The horizontal lines on the venus mount tell that you always want only the best out of everything. You are warm-hearted, compassionate, and determined.

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  1. All about moon was a wrong my ex had it and trust me he was a liar,cheater manipulative ..he took me for granted for 5 years and never expressed it until he found a better job and looked for excuses to ditch me then ye kept me on making false promises..he was a shit

  2. I am aries but I am still stunned prediction of teenage life was away form family bcz if the line & I am a successful stock trader, portfolio manager & investor

    Almost everything match my palm & there are more mestirous things which I get to know in advance before any one in the stock market … You need to read my palm once hope it brakes the mestirous things hidden in. Thanks for the info & the above palm almost match myself

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