Nvidia's Q2 guidance is a reminder we are in an A.I. gold rush, says

Chris Rolland, Susquehanna senior chip analyst, joins ‘Fast Money’ to break down Nvidia’s earnings beat and guidance that prompted the stock to hit an all-time high in extended trading. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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21 thoughts on “Nvidia's Q2 guidance is a reminder we are in an A.I. gold rush, says”

  1. I sold Tsla way too early and lost out on 400k gains. I only made 4K. I don’t want it to happen again with nvda. This is a great company and they make revenue. At the time I sold Tsla, it was still quite speculative and not making revenue.

  2. I’m confident the current market has an equal possibility of making high-value gains or losses, so I'm cautious with my selections; but, I heard that a trader made over $750k in this market, and I could really need ideas on how to achieve similar profits.

  3. The AI is a heavenly evolution for the super hackers. Hackers would be delighted to get the mumbling words of old joe to hack the fed for their joyrides and laughs. What coukd the hackers do in the AI evolution? Make the finger print, the eye recognition, the facial manipulation, the voice actication, etc. A real time virtual network could be built to collect gold bars right in the mid of high systems trafficking. AI can run on the quantum computing platforms to show off its precision.

  4. The media is currently barraged with a lot of economic data right now. It takes a lot to see beyond the whole ocean of news on focus on what is important, which is that no matter how low stocks go, they always bounce back. I really ignore all the news and keep investing. I recently allocated about $121k to put in the market as we anticipate a crash. Any recommendations?

  5. I got a nice part of my pension invested in AI stocks last October – this reminds me of the Tech Boom but this time earnings are there and are not some future fantasy

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